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In virginia the state of the janna before hundred years government has been set up to serve powerful cooper interests to the detriment in some cases of community entries on this episode of transition. Virginia thought they changed the name. Oh yeah complicated a lot. We talk broadband the argue that restrictions on the policies. Really don't matter they do back. We're joined by the dynamic duo of virginia tech props who wrote the book on broadband professor irv blythe the genu- she had encouraged not locally driven community business models and professor james boleyn. It's imperative i think at the state began to look at our. It's municipal governments to manage create their own broadband networks. We also talk a little redistricting. And check your voicemail now about the census bureau has released the tons of data. You scott the occasion all this episode. We check the download speed and the upload speed with these kinds of restrictions there are many communities would have take the gamble that they would be able to overcome these obstacles and be successful arena. If you are not careful how you spend this money in terms of the architecture the to create for your network you're gonna be locked in or ten fifteen years in an architecture for the broadband networks that is outdated within five years. They're not just somebody that they hire to be. Be a lobbyist. It's somebody who's well known that has relationships with these members of the general assembly with the executive branch. They're hanging out with our ready all that and a bag of chips on this episode of transition. Virginia the and again since lots of they make money hand over fist. Welcome to transition. Virginia podcast were still calling transition virginia. For now i'm mike. Poke a dime. Thomas velvet later in the show. We'll hear from two professors at virginia. Tech will explain how legacy telecoms have cornered the market on broadband and how that harms virginia by limiting access to municipal broadband or community bragging. But first michael. Everybody wants to know the new name of the podcast wait. They don't need to know yet. I mean have. They seen our new look transition. Virginia may be a thing of the past. But for now we've got a new look thomas. what's up with a new profile pic artwork. Well it was time for a rebrand a redesign and we're slowly rolling things out. That will tease the new name of our podcast. And that way we don't with all the changes all at once will ease you into it so the last thing we'll do is the new name but it's great it's graffiti style and you'll notice it in the cover art you know. Maybe maybe we should have a contest for the new name. Let's ask the listeners. What would you rename our podcast. I have to say that. I was recently asked by a very prominent virginia politico about our new name and i did not spill the beans thomas instead. I asked this person to come up with some suggestions. So i put that same question to you. The listener what name would you suggest. Send your voicemails to transition. Va podcast at g. Mail dot com. Okay so this is the point of the show where we welcome our new patriots. The last time we did this we had no new patriots. So thomas what's our latest here in terms of patriots on very happy to report michael that it worked. Then we have nine new patriots this week. Did you say nine nine nine of nine new patriots for benefactors. Five friends of the team so our benefactors. First gina de stephen h zach s phil w thank you so much for being benefactors for transition virginia and then robert de sabrina. Kay john jessica. Be and brian. Thank you so much for signing up to be friends of the team michael. They like us enough to buy us one coffee a month as very kind of them. That is so kind of you. Thank you to all of our new patriarch's well they were really responding to our fund drive aren't they. That's the way i like to think about it. I think it worked. I think the fund drive clearly was a success. Maybe we should do another one sometime soon. I think we should do it very soon. Okay so later in the show. We're going to hear about how a handful of legacy telecom giants. At and t. verizon comcast centurylink cox. We're gonna hear how they've cornered the market on broadband by shutting out the possibility of competition from municipal or community broadband. And that brings us to another take on that topic from our contributor. Steve arly.

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