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The shave it is for the giants a couple of these guys were for rounders and it just it just has not come to fruition for this line and is costing them and what does it come down to and the giant defense hung in there most of the night considering it felt like they on the field the whole night that yet ten ten minutes more than one i saw it i was surprised it was only that the cowboys advantage of time of possession was 34 fourteen the 25 46 not even now nine full minutes it felt like more i know that's a lot in albania but it felt like a horse it felt like it was even worse than that and the giant defense hung in and they force four field goals only gave up one touchdown now in the game last night i said they're fine i defense offer it's got to come to play the it's good to have to help him out here and and you think offensive firepower the alayan o'dowd but just is not going to happen without out to a huge divisional win for the cowboys off the bat after as i'm sure by now you know on friday zeke elliot as we'll kane told you was going to happen last week here on mike it might got his temporary restraining order it is not a certainty that he will be able to play the entirety of the season but it is the overwhelming likelihood that this stuff will now not get completed adjudicated whatever the word is until after the season is over yeah so i think we all believe he will eventually serve a sixgame suspension just a matter time it probably won't be this year of ably will not yet so it which which goes well for the cowboys so the cowboys were at fullstrength nz kelly it was relieved to be back on the football field but still here the be out here with these zone definitely been a tough scored team must say time has gone so hard no.

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