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Even though david banner was trying to find a way to quell the raging beasts that dwelt within him ultimately david banner mcconnell. Hey we're both searching for inner peace. They were both just trying to find it wherever they could. You know mcconnell as green light means go means move onto means you you can go to the next level move forward banners. Green light was gamma radiation and turn them into the hawk Arrigo the super saddest theme song ever god that theme song. I gotta learn that on piano. The ninna i cried every week when that show was on. I think we're kind of journey was sad like that every week but definitely that sort of like the journey of trying to of going outward to find inward and find that inner peace and find that wholeness and he's very open about the whole journey and seems like he has become centered and found found peace. And so i really recommend the audio version of the book. I cannot say enough how much i enjoyed this conversation. He was just so fucking cool and nice and and open to talk about anything had such great information and so many great little nuggets of wisdom so for me. This was like the perfect form of the podcast. This podcast is firing all cylinders. Because someone came on. I knew who this person was very well. And i'm a admired their work and guess what they turned out to be read. We connected right away I learned a bunch of stuff and by the end. It wasn't like oh. I just had a guest on. It was like oh i had my friend matt on. We just sat and shot the shit for a while. And i think you'll feel that way with him too. So thank you to matthew mcconaughey. Hey for doing this podcast. A and thank you again for listening to this podcast and hang in there and we will see you in your ears again in twenty twenty one and until that time. Stay safe stay healthy. And let's roll the thing nano said. Hulke fee mccall to stop seeing. He start the thing detained to us. He pulled raw raw. Chara land uh initiating iii..

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