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So we're talking about being fired from job before you even started so you got hired and then they fired you before you did any work for the company. This is interesting I was hired at a local hospital as has a something something initials means. I'm going to say a nurse directly out of school. I was actually actually skipped graduation for the interview only to be fired before started a pass the drug test but they pulled out of the first day of orientation to be pulled me out of the first day of orientation to be informed. I had failed the pregnancy test. I had no idea I was expecting being pregnant. Totally Limited what I could do at work so they told me to reapply after I had the baby and I never went back so there was no mistake. That's how she found out. She was pregnant say Mama's Baby Papa's. Maybe and I don't know if that has anything to do with this or to throw that in there hey jeremy welcome to the TJ show so they they hired you for the job and then what happened they found out the truth. I was kind of desperate desperate for a job at the time so I may have told him. I had a college degree. They ended up doing a background. Check on the in I got at five before. I got hired checking to see if you really have a college degree. Would you consider that a backroom just the basics of what they do. Extend your friends. The show what you want to check with the cops that's just sir. I've never had anybody running educational background so you don't want to be working for that bunch of stalkers anyway. I love it. Thanks Jerry. There's a lady says keep me anonymous. I got hired at a restaurant in my hometown on a Friday afternoon Saturday night. My boyfriend and I were at the movies when we came out a girl. I didn't like said something smart to me now. This was when I was a little younger and had a bit of a quote unquote hockey temper temper she was. I ended up getting into a fight with her in the parking. Lot turns out. The restaurant owner son just happened to be there at the movies needless to say. I got a call on Sunday saying we've changed our minds and we really don't need another waitress but yes. I did win the fight. I like that a hockey ten got a little bit of a hockey before he went home and told us pairs hey hey they. That's how they grow. We just hired. She was in a fistfight of the theater that well. We don't need her. Let's get rid of that. We don't want her around our here's my son went to training at waffle house and they told him to leave because he wasn't a people person. SASS connected funny. This is the Ason the TV show how goes it when I was impressed with some the last night I'm GonNa Miss Breath Oregon Tar Taiwan sharpshooter church battery Sharks Coutry SAST had a good lookin' charcuterie board on her instagram last night. Oh yeah you had like a little pepperonis zone their grapes and strawberries and Jesus everything can think of that was very impressed. I was on for about twenty minutes. Maybe thirty looking at ingredients gradient for it. She was getting ready. Yes which I watched a whole about fifty seven seconds of last night and I I can't take this. I mean for three hours. That's a bit much for a TV. Show I was just flipping around and it landed on let me watch for minute and some guy was down on his the hard time the ring out of his back pocket. It was as okay not interested how big it was as a big ring no oh him get it out of his pocket and I saw as I was turning on the TV to get into bed. I saw the part where the girls crying with the guy on the beach because he'll never love her the way she loves him or something like that being being in love with me and so I laughed for a second yeah really wasn't a comedy but it will know went onto a documentary about the gang in New Orleans like the the bringing down of the oldest street gang in New Orleans so that was fun I well. I'm much much like you. TJ Flip over to something that was very much more important and educational. I like to call it a wwe smackdown so it was good yeah. SHANECO MAC is fired. Kevin Owens and I've got to get to the bottom of that and see what that's about now. Shane Mack yeah well shaming man they call him Shane Almac. He comes the money you know but yeah. I haven't watched wrestling in a while I think since I was getting ready for Church when I was not eh yesterday on the show. We talked about people who lost jobs before they got them. You got hired and fired before you ever actually started the job. We just got a message from somebody that must have been looking at our facebook page and sought he's had to tell you. I was working at Pizza Hut. I got a job offer at G K N Quick Pizza. I accepted five minutes later. Gkn Colin and said they decided to go with somebody else. It's an adequate pizza hut so I lost two jobs tidbits Laurie. How do pizza delivery places recruit route their competitions employees the way my wife said the mall stores used to do that. She worked in retail. She worked in the mall right like when she would work at five seven nine the manager of chess king or whatever would hear that she was good or had gone into the store and like the way Jodi work and would come by and kind of set up a secret meeting in the food court. You'd like to come talk to me in the food court and she'd go down there and try to steal jody Jodi away from five seven nine or or the limited or whatever wherever she was working in competition with his other store I don't know would they know I delivered pizzas. It's it's a very hard especially now with with. GPS It was harder back in my day because we didn't home until the horse where to go and where he got there he he didn't. He didn't have a cell phone to call somebody to find out where they were. You didn't have GPS or anything like that. You just had kind of vineyard out and you'd get lost a little bit now. You can't be that hard but I can totally see that mall thing because people get attached to you go. If you go to a mall all the time you know people in the store. You're looking for oh you. Hey Reagan's begins. You're working over here now. Oh Oh cal come check it out zoo. Would you got into home saying anything but I never got recruited. Maybe it just says something about me well. They were like we're good but you worked in a standalone retail store and you never worked at all no shopping center shopping. You also always. I just went to the back when things got dicey so yeah yeah they were Riley. You said you didn't do a lot to try to stand out as a great employee. Now you just try to fly under the radar the entire done yeah yeah. I wasn't trying to become a star employer. Everybody liked me right. They enjoyed working with me and I was just there to make people laugh but I mean typically. It's the star employers the one. That's trying to get recruited. Another store to store employees are always the most obnoxious brown-nosing the the worst in retail. I was about to say because a lot of people would consider you our store star employees. Oh I hope not. I didn't say I opened not a WHO wants to be that person but that's exactly what I was about to say. Tj Star employees here tomorrow you. Never WanNa be at the top of the bottom you want to be like on the upper echelon but definitely not the top driven America to greatness would would it be the air in the middle of your life. Did you hear what I just heard though our manager Adam just had a heart attack because he thought he was the star show. There is new music yet again today from superstar star who's been teasing you a little bit of a song for a long time at midnight. Liam Payne dropped brand new music. It has a feature you don't WanNa miss that the translation to some of my brethren southern Brethren and sister and Liam Aka limb lamb. That's how they limb back. There is a lot of music and delicious audio. Alexa Play Ace and TJ insulin decide. It's easier than ever to tell your devices. You want take more of the my daughter is at college and my wife sent her a picture the other day of me doing something silly and she said it looks like. Das- has lost a little weight well. 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We want you to know about one day bath and shower remodeling with prices low as one hundred ninety nine dollars per month call eight eight hundred nine four eight five seven four nine eight hundred nine four eight five seven four nine. TJ show presented. I thought it was something fun any idea what this sound is. Why is that asteroids or one of those video. You know those are baby crocodiles baby. Cuban crocodiles allows the Dragon Would Conservatory in Florida. Oh which is Kinda cool. That's okay they're allowed to the Cuban wet foot dry foot rule right and you get one one foot on dry land from Cuba. You get to stay. I get asylum good so last night. Liam Payne former member of one direction has been teasing song for a while now at midnight. He released his brand new song. It's called stack it up featuring boogie with Hoodie money all man.

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