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Like could focus jordan outlets coma them like 1000 them and he wasn't an end before this movie he is that these underwood loves them in this movie yes um yes daniel qaluwa burgeoning them i would still call him a who i now didn't i had forgotten he didn't remember he was indexed until he showed up and i was like oh there's daniel kaluuya but like amazing casting because the person who cast him in this like what two or three years ago had liquid foresight to know that this was like the guy because he is like everywhere and then he's all the releases you know so he was if you're in case you don't know the name he is the main guy and get out he's the boyfriend who gibbs brain snatched by alcyone and helium nominee it's not whaler it's been a year he's not made for oscar best actor yeah he's nominated for an oscar moving on we had latisha right who plays black panther sister who sort of like one of the breakouts indian movie she got klay as she gets like a lot of the jokes she's a lot of fun and she gets to do stuff which has an another twist on the sort of like i am the gadget person because he had a gadget person just gives the gadgets steps away then there was i think the main based on social media reactions are just talking to people i would say it was a tie between winston duke and then deny gruyere but also i think that nine because we don't watch what our walking dead but she's a big dion walking dead i think she was already kind has shrewd unquote out there for a lot of people but winston do came out of nowhere so i think tim just like he was kind of the the break out because he truly came from nowhere select new he played the leader of like the i like the other way alive so he he had a very satisfying arc two and gets a ton of good joke so many good jokes deny greater she is lethal weapons his lille do is there anything because he kinda came out of nowhere he liked did tv shows used in a lot of tv and then he will he a guess he went to yale and he.

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