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She's heart and soul the fast and furious franchise and just because she doesn't she gets a kick ass the with people for the most part. He's like the the mom wife character she is. She motivated so much of the action in the series. You shouldn't have saved this question for last. Because i can give you twenty minute tree. Tease on my dentist. Essential to the purest. I would love nothing more. She was sorely missed in the eighth movies. But i'll say not my favorite character. But i want people to show more appreciation to mea thereto slash. O'connor they actually got married mitterrand anyway however come back with his whole causing the new one and he's not all i should say. Yeah he's out now henman he's just bow and yes all the three guys from tokyo drift. Come back and they are unrecognizable. Yeah just oldest. Look different the movie. Technically i think is set. May i hear from people that i know that watch. This is like all the movies are not in chronological. There's a lower whole exactly. I had no idea. I've seen the first one like when it first came out and i i will spoil this. We could so all the different. There's a really cool character hans solo who die so or just yet who dies. But he's such a cool character they want to bring them back for the sequel. So they said oh screw. We'll just say he's alive but that these movies are before to place before tokyo. Jeff ignore the phones ignore the cellphones. Chronic like chronologically is tokyo drift. Last movie not anymore. It is now before the time line has caught up so we are now with seven. We caught up so so it is between or and seven. No sorry two thousand six hundred seventy learn something new every day but i remember bowel. Bowel had his was like a sigh on like one of those boxcars and it was green and he had customized it to look like hulk fists or come out of the car. I think they thought that was actually going to become something because no i don't remember what year that came out. But even i was like that's stupid but i love it anyway. We're gonna end this because we got up the series. That sums up the anyway we we we. We went five minutes over. I know he got media today coming so we can't hang out with you guys all. I'm sorry alec savvas before we sign off you got anything say plug. No no no no. She doesn't watch best pairs catch. Because you didn't put up if you're gonna start people if you're if you're a fast newbie fast newbie or curious newbie. Whichever one you want to be a foodie. Thank you alexandra you always have to say. I would highly recommend with fast five. That's actually the first one i watched. It's a really good mood as the best series is the best one in the series. It informed so much of what comes after. It's a little bit difficult to go back. After because the first one the first movie is so different from everything else but you can do it. You can do it. And so i would say i fast five. I absolutely love how into fast fast fast and furious. Ak is on very very real. This is this generation star wars trilogy. I don't know it is never seen star wars either. But i would want to watch the nine main street. Main line films the nine mainline star wars films. I'll and i love the result shows you start fairchild is ever but in total all night. I'll take the nine movies any day any day. how right anyway. We'll end ended on that fast. Five rock bought my ticket. So i love that movie but other than that. I haven't seen any of them so no judgment for me like you guys can like. What are you guys like. Stick around on this youtube page. Casey's live on the scene at ufc. Two six five media in houston and then alex and i will get clips out. Get a stories out. But until that starts in twenty four minutes go read and may fighting's global rankings and you guys can stop arguing and our instagram comments over wire. Rankings are different my god people. How many people had to remind that these are not ucla anyway. Jose that's oxen. Alex see you next week. Support.

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