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Let me call them. On the visual of while. You are watching like to describe what? In fact, you will be seeing what you'll be hearing. And that would be in. Let's see here. Was that sent to me in your batch last night? Yes. Yes. Okay. So I'm just call this up Senator Feinstein per perfect. Right. So let me look at this. It's real clear politics. Let me describe it for you. So she is with. Understand what happens. She is with let's see one two three girls four girls five girls. I don't see any boys. Of course, I'm assigning gender. Okay. So the telling her they want her to ask to vote on the green new deal. I don't know why she showed up there. But do you know, she showed up even there? Maybe she I don't think she realizes what her side has unleashed on the country. Diane Feinstein began as a liberal, and if she's in a left wing party. The the children in this video. I promise you scare me. I don't get scared easily. So let's let's hear it. This is Dianne Feinstein Senator in her seventies. Speaking to ten year olds..

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