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Without starwars to serve as the main attraction or any attraction that's in was forced to scrape the bottom of the lucasfilm barrel you know we were relegated to doing lucasfilm panca magazine on things like maniac mansion at pv showed that lucasfilm was working on an tucker you know the the movie bet the car maker with jeff bridges and i paid it got really lean in the eighty there for a while and uh i just kept hoping and praying that there would come a time when star wars would come back unsurprisingly mets and says it took ten or eleven years before the fan club substantial growth when he did sneak in stores coverage it was mostly backwardlooking interviews with the original trilogies cast and crew every now and then though he'd get the chance to talk to lucas and whenever he did he always asked the question i couldn't resist asking him what's going on star wars were no and oh i plan on getting back to eventually you know and uh but i would never there was never anything definitive like yeah you know probably next year i'm going to start working on that or something and it was just at at and a time after time it was this kind of like you know hopeless kind of promised that you know eventually he'd get back to it but not yet meanwhile star were seemed to be nearing its expiration date as georges exwife marsha said in an interview years later the lucasfilm empire was in inverted triangle sitting on a p which was the star wars trilogy but he wasn't going to make more stores and the p was going to dry up and crumple although it wasn't and isn't widely known the star wars recovery started right around the same time that lucasfilm was talking dan madsen into writing about tucker and maniac mentioned that same year 1980 six western games acquired the licence first star wars roleplaying game the work westend did then had an unparalleled impact on what stores would look like over the upcoming decades up to and including today bill slap a sack who wrote edited or developed most at the sewers material and worked on the scrubs roleplaying game as a grown up version of makebelieve think dungeons of dragons although the star wars rpg itself was well regarded it was the world building that west and did that cemented its legacy a savas.

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