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Arctic polar bear populations will soon follow that same pattern of decline it's predicted in fact as you may have heard that the arctic ocean is going to be free of ice in the summertime within the next forty two hundred years and so the world that are polar bears on the arctic coast of alaska depend on is melting out from under them actually recent studies are showing how all this is affecting pull the bears off the arctic coast of alaska for example polar bears have been spotted swimming in the open ocean long distances from short some of them actually swimming toward the north when the edge of the ice is four hundred miles out drowned polar bears have been seen from the air apparently overwhelmed by relentless storms out there on the ocean in for the first time researchers have documented cannibalism were big male polar bears have killed and eaten females in their cubs right here along the coast of alaska another thing that's happening biologists have documenting the fact that more females are dancing on the land now apparently there's too much risk get the unstable ice off shore is going to break up underneath their din that increases another kind of risk because when pulitzers dna unsure if they're disturbed by humans the females will often abandoned their dens an cubs that are in your will die so there's a lot of things happening but luckily there's no evidence so far that the overall population of polar bears is declining in article ask of again the patterns seem identical here with hudson bay and a few years from now the population will start to go down or too little cubs are still playing one of them in the water one of them splayed out belly on the ice with his head underwater looking down at his partner people often imagined that polar bears could somehow simply move onto the land when the sea ice vanishes but in fact the biologists say that's impossible these animals are much too specialized for living on the ice for preying on seals and meeting their very high energy demands on a diet of calorierich seal oh gosh something extraordinary happening just now the one mother bear has rolled over on her back and the little cub has coming right up onto her bali in is laying their the very white cub against the.

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