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Coming soon to font Tuckey, right. You're gonna be coming there to fund tennis soon, which is very cool. But just I got to tell your brother, you know, going over this and for those of you just joining us. I'm chatting with the founder and chef. Smoke and fire Isaiah's Hernandez and I'm looking at the menu. There's not one thing you make you put in a glass. You put it in a dessert tray or any dish that I don't want to eat right this second. That means the world to us. You know, we, uh we live by the motto Tradition done right, And whether it's a national logic sandwich, one of our awesome desserts. Everything is made in house. So it's a chef driven past casual joint and we love to, sir. Man, how you guys been doing? I know the story that you guys came up with this. Put it onto a napkin, you know, had the passion to start this, but we've had a rough 12 plus months how you guys holding up? I mean, agreed 100%, you know for us opening up in June 12. I mean, there was a storm of uncertainty, fear and doubt, and we ought to spend together and said, Hey, let's let's worry about everything but fear nothing. And we band together, and we just found the family and as a result, you know, we've been able to execute cell and provide really good food for the community. And the community just funded so well. I mean, there's lines of people Friday, Saturday Sunday just lined up ready to try our food s. So we make it a point of honor you as a customer, leaving your house putting yourself at danger. You know, this issue was obviously with a pandemic. There's so much going on that when you visit smoke apart socially, You're not a customer, your friend and that's kind of in our mentality ever since then. You know, my wife is a therapist and obviously deals with, you know, heavy issues with people. You might be able to put her out of work with this kind of food because I can't imagine anybody eating this and walking away with sadness, of course, tongue in cheek, everybody. I know that there's real issues out there. But listen to this. You know, you've got a vegan stacked sandwich. That is insane. You've got chicken tenders, smash burger fries, Nashville hot chicken fries. Texas style brisket fries, which is one of the things you sent here. I put the put the old oven on warm and they've been sitting in there the whole time, so I go back and forth. It just I mean these loaded fries the Mac rib full Smashburger with all the fixings, smoked brisket sauteed in their house barbecue sauce topped with full dino short rib. No joke that you can get. This is what cracks me up. Okay, So the dino short rib you can get on its own smoke. 7 to 10 hours. Fall off the bone 25 bucks. You can get that in a mcrib. With the brisket with the bread with all the topic for only 30 bucks. Yeah, we want to talk. Like I said earlier. We literally don't make any money off the mcrib. We just want everybody to have something to celebrate its that summer handsome, You know that summer song that passenger year and has you singing the entire summer? So for us on the grid really is a centerpiece and anything we could do to help out you know, obviously, times are tough as we go into summer. Others trounces issues a supply chain, so there's issues with product. We do our best to just really take care of the community and not increase prices and whatever deals we can do, or whatever deals we could make to make it a little bit easier on the wall. It we will And these things I got to tell you. They just look like fun and a celebration of food. Hope that's the same model that I have for the fork. Report. Isaiah's Just wanna bring people together. But you look at this Stock burger. You know, Texas toasts. You've got smashed Burger. You've got brisket, Mac and cheese on there. It really is a delight to see this kind of food to coming together. If you're looking for a place to eat tonight, If you're looking for a place to go out and enjoy your obviously doing, take out, I'd imagine as well. I'm surprised how well it traveled to my house. Thank you. I know that was no, thank you. That was a chore. We definitely adjusted. If it is on our menu once we realized, you know, and then it's the last very long time, So he made him change his work with our our supplier. Cisco has a special defense prize that actually get Chris fear. Once you make them s O B gone above and beyond. Make sure you have that awesome experience, whether it's dining her taking out And every one of those items that you just mentioned are actually a favorite of one of our best friends. So the stock burgers named after Tommy stock Burger, who works at the La Habra location, and the Paramount, Lucky that's all the brisket. Yeah, the brisket of Josh's favorite He was actually up until 2 32 33 3 in the morning working on the brisket that he delivered today, so their labor of love than you know something that we love to do. It's funny, you know, So you get this this handsome kid just showing up and thought with the biggest grin. You know, you could see it underneath his mask. His eyes were squinty. He's beaming with pride on this stuff, and he's he smiled. And he said, Yeah, it was. It was a feat to get this here and I'm like you have no idea how appreciative I am that you guys took the time to bring me the food. And then to eat it. You just taste the layers of love and focus on the ingredients, so I really can't say enough good things. You guys are doing it right? I wish you Much success again. The smoke and fire dot com the smoke and fire dot com Find out the locations. Obviously, there's two locations now. La Habra. On Whittier Law, Sweetie, You're Boulevard.

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