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And w wjr news time is six you love and if you have any interest in iit's climbing at w wjc beth fisher reporting live and local says this is a week for you good morning birth dozen the sound like a fun w w j team building exercise into where we depend on each other for survival in maybe not the michigan ice vest being held immune a singing the up for ice climbers those who wanna take ice climbing classes or just take part in a demonstration at pictured rock sleep that up about seven or eight different climbs and it's all at the one pit one specific spot called the curtains and at the wall of ice about 30 to 40 feet high we set up about seven or eight rope and we have blares out there those are the people that will keep your safe at you climb and it's you fall they'll katcha or if you're you're done climbing they can lower you down i'm a little concerned about that falling part ice fast target rer catching now the organizer tied king says the classes her full but there are demos and other activities through sunday reporting live beth fisher w w j newsradio nine fifty wti wjr news time six twelve today's the day when love and lent collide for the first time since world war two valentine's day is falling on ashwin zday the start of land many christians around the world we going to church today to get ashes on their forehead and we'll try to make special sacrifices for the next forty days to try to get closer to dot it's always the season of uh of repentance of looking within ourselves and uh

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