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We've got a great staff led by senior columnist, Bruce Mitchell. It's just it. Absolutely. If you listen to the show this long, and you love wrestling, and you want understand it more. And you want to enjoy it more, you know, sometimes you see isolated stuff here, isolated stuff. And you think we're all negative and cynical. And all of that, you look at the big picture, and you see the approach we take. And, and, and I think you understand why people who love wrestling love what we do on the VIP side of things, which is where the despite all the content we put on the life has for free. The vast majority of our effort, and our body of work. In the Mnuchin all the details that we cover day to day I were our in week to week is on the. Or if your pet Patterson yet, or have you, you know, I way back at the trial, he was there in Long Island. What was that ninety four? And I if you talk with me, and he said, yes. And then it I don't know what it just didn't come about. And then I saw him just a few years ago and had a long long talk with them after eight WWE show here in Minneapolis. And we're talking about Vern ganja and Awa I mean, lots lots of stuff, it was just a great great thing. But I didn't feel like I wanted to hound him that about doing an interview, but I'd I'd love to have time but now that you know, yeah, yeah. You know, I mean he's the Yoda of a wrestling, you know, jed eye masters. He's Yoda and, and like, you know you know what to ask. So I mean now it'd be that's that'd be gold right there. Yeah. He's if not at the very, he's might be the number one guy in the list of guys. I've interviewed that I'd like to 'cause he hasn't. He hasn't written the book he hasn't done a shoe. You know, I like to talk to people who haven't, you know, who I feel that there's things that haven't been set or explored yet, and there's no doubt with, Pat. That's all right. Let's continue this conversation. Bomb show. Trump. Day, I never knew I Mitchell on the Bruce Mitchell audio show, which for a lot of people, the number one reason to go VIP. He did. On Sunday and he was talking about it, and he said, you know there was that race Stevens wedding. And we're still story better than I can. But Ray just said my partner. Pat, Patterson would never participate in something like this, you know. And I just exactly right. But yeah, this idea that it was some bombshell, and yeah. But anyhow, where's my where's my play out music? Here's my play music. All right. Sean woman, thank you so much plug plug anything you need to or want to hear. How can people follow you, what's the best way website, Twitter, Facebook? What is it? Oh, it's real x puck on Twitter and this this, this weekend, where we're at the plaza in Providence, Rhode Island and it's, it's just called fantast. It's and it's gonna be a ton of people here on the guy's got home. I self diner. There's quite a few people after like. I know you can go to question productions website and, and find out who all's going to, you know, fear for sure yeah. Yeah. That's what, what me and that that and I'm just keeping busy every week too much to go way too much to try to tell you on the air. You know, come on here to plug my stuff anyways, you know, I know. But people I mean people might wanna follow you keep track of what you're doing. So I'm doing it for them as much, if not more than you so over your. Oh, yeah. And that'd be a wolf pack dot com. If you wanna buy something I go excellent. I, I hope I said that, right. I don't even remember my own domain name very good. I think everybody join us. Join mitchell. Tribes Bryant.

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