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The treatment team has determined that you or your family members does not meet criteria to receive critical care or that the I. C. U. treatments will be stopped talk to your doctor your doctor can ask for a review by a team of medical experts a clinical review committee evaluation what are your thoughts on that doesn't it doesn't that sound like a panel of some sort doesn't that sound like well so and so's really in bad shape I know but I don't know if she I don't know how much I don't know if she's going to make it so that's very interesting it's very interesting it sounds does this sound cold to you does it sounds scary to you it we confirm this before I shared with you by the way this is an actual letter and you know it's interesting because I remember all my gosh it had to be let's see temple for well over ten years ago I remember people saying you know some day you'll just get a letter from a hospital little say well if you show up in bad shape will decide if you're worth saving and holding in my hand is a letter that says if it looks pretty grim we have to focus on the non Graham situation and and I I am a realist I am a realist but I have to admit I'm shocked a little bit by that letter in fact it was a doctor and then another surgeon and then several other doctors who saw the doctor the the letter rather and then saw it and started sharing it and it's sector by the way in Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer she just issued an executive order of the pie earlier this week and residents have to stay in place in Michigan until April thirteenth so and we have those shelter in place here in Pennsylvania central PA where of my studio is and then we have all kinds of things going on from from Florida to New Hampshire eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two let's go to Kelly napa county California welcome to the Rush Limbaugh show Kelly hi Kim how are you well thank you that was very frustrating but I digress so not everybody is following the shelter in place well in California here's a zero YM I'm in the construction industry and the company I worked for had a lot of lot of our projects shut down a couple weeks ago when they shut down all the counties around the bay but some places are now starting to trickle workers back into the the projects even though the governor says the the orders not to be listed for sometime so is there a is there a penalty if you do try to work well I don't know about that but what I can tell you is some of the subcontractor owner then I talked to what they're worried about is the liability say for instance somebody goes to work the couple weeks where they you know defect I then you got from lawyer knocking on their door saying Hey this looks like a good lofty so some people worried about that and that is you know that's a legitimate concern both for someone who is compassionate enough to care about their employees and there are plenty Hey I'm just from the legal side it's you know I it's a very frustrating time it's interesting that you mentioned the construction on my way into work today I saw up there doing this new development about five miles from my house on the way to the studio and I drove by and they they all the rigs were operating they had all the big front loaders and backhoe loaders and dump trucks and I looked and I mean obviously no one was hanging out with each other they were all several yards apart doing their thing but there are some people working out so what is your take on this one do you go back to work well I honestly haven't stopped working the county that my project is in for instance was one of the last counties around the bay area that had that issued the shelter in place however they about a week later you said that construction was an essential service but what they didn't what they didn't do is define that was ambiguous they just said construction so my employer has kept this job going for as long as you can as long as people and you know they're they're workers they're not what's interesting to some of the subcontractors refused to send the workers they're going right along with the governors mandate but then other companies if their guys wanna work they'll send them out well there's definitely and and thank you for calling Kelly there's definitely and this is what concerns me from state to state especially in California because and I and I didn't want to I didn't want to ask Kelly a whole bunch of other questions but soon as someone mentioned California or the bay area I start thinking about all the problems that existed there both economically and other issues prior to the cove in nineteen you have the Alps you know you have the outbreak of the the homeless record homeless you had of crime spiking up this is in in Nancy Pelosi's district you know people go to the bathroom anywhere Charlie and they're allowed to and and then you have the it's a sanctuary city and you may remember as recent as this last year they were having a cases of TB and typhus and some other really nasty things happening in the area were Kelly's discussing I can't imagine how chaotic it is now with with covert nineteen eight hundred two eight to twenty eight eighty two this is the Rush Limbaugh show back after this you're listening to the EIB network Washington W. 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