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Got the option to make money as the market goes down it's easy is so easy so if you are ready to retire you know quite have the money or you are retired scraping by you with you have some my he got money in bonds as terrible place the the or some fixed the nudie this terrible so here's the number eight seven seven six hundred gang from experts to beginners you're gonna love it it's archive for two weeks and show your kids that's the great thing stir your grandkid's how important is to think ahead so again just just go to mypillowcom and sign up for it we only have thirty at the beginning show 33 we start out thursday afternoon remember what one hundred fly at schloss we now have a thirty three so you enjoy it and the most important thing is you're gonna get a comfort level that you know when coup get out that's the key all right okay so we also when you're doing your stocks in your investing and now a chink so confusing you start listening to all these people and what they have to say but it's not confusing it really isn't here's where it gets confusing this is the this is the problem in this onikan flooring gave us the up there in how quest for north who deals with played out sanitary please saying i'm going to quote in a nutshell we remain at or a head of our expectations both from a financial liquidation execution perspective and quote even better answer the question tools are going to start being saw in walls yeah which i think box store have orders for loss ever next year kevin durant i boots and i think that just the beginning oh so you've got to buy because that they're going to start zoning laws don't give a big boost on their product in lausanne blubber it doesn't matter i don't want you to think about that the symbols s w k here's all you now is never mind why is going up it's not important to know the story behind it it's important to know that there's money behind it and that's what the chart points out more when we get back join my gang or go.

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