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Join Taylor is joining me one hour from now. Calling right Colin wrong for the next week. We gotta do a radio show which you started in radio, and I started in radio and so join Taylor ni-, this, these are like the good old days. You started in Miami radio. Yeah. That's a good first market. Why went to school there? So that's a big market has started. It is it is. But that's I encourage people to intern. That's how it works. That's did you intern? I enter my first job was actually the place that I had my first internship. Oh, that's so they must have you must have been a good intern half of them. I can't get out of the building fast enough. You're one of those interns. Everybody's like oh, yeah. She could actually work here. I mean, that's the goal of internship. Yeah. So we kind of a screw off week. When a mean by that it's fun. It's loose and we'll just were knocked off obviously because of the women's World Cup which tomorrow, the United States plays, actually and excited for that much more dependable than our men's national team. I'll get to that later. I'll Kevin Durant. Here's the injury update the warriors. He practiced according to, to report he wasn't very good at practice. Of course, he did not very good at practice. He's got a calf strain this series. It's three two one Toronto. And I think the series is over. And I think they win tonight. I don't think this is a very complicated series. I said before the series, I think I picked a Golden State in six Joe, you picked what was your final pick? I picked the raptors and seven okay. So. On the wrong side of that one. I think one of the things I said before the series lane is something that fans don't talk about, but every scout of ever known talks about. At a scout. Mark Warkentin years ago, said, Scottie Pippen, twice a game deflected, a ball Chicago ended up with it that gave Michael Jordan to moma's actions. He made one he goes Chicago Bulls won a lot of close playoff games late matters. Well, Marcus all PASCAL Salcombe surge vodka. Kalis one of the longest six seven guys on the planet and who's hurt for Golden State their longest player. Kevin Durant cave on looney six nine missed a game. Boogie cousins is running around the court about sixty seventy percent in the NFL you would call this a cluster injury. When you have three receivers go down or four ofensive Lyman or hurts called the cluster injury. The warriors have a cluster injury with their bigs, and it is a huge disadvantage against one of the biggest longest teams in the NBA Toronto Toronto shooting forty five percent in this series and my take on this. I've watched four games. Now, they're just getting more easy baskets. This is where katie's length. Boogie at full strength length would be a factor. It's not just offense. You're not missing. Just Kevin Durant offense obviously. But Kevin a good defender and Kevin's, one of the longest players in the league Golden State's not getting as many easy baskets. So Toronto, not known as a great shooting team shooting forty five and a half percent. Golden State known as the world's best shooting team is shooting forty three percent. What does that tell you Golden State struggling to get easy looks?.

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