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Despite over the border. It's been so partisan. It's driven by politics. Not always facts. And complicating everything about this Oval Office address was the fact that in the past this president has said things about the border that just aren't true. So ABC news devoted a whole team of fact checkers to this prime time address. These are the people who in real time had to scribble down what the president saying they have to research it then they have to deliver some conclusions to George Stephanopoulos walkie and the team are still on the air. ABC's Justin fischel and KENDALL heath have caught their breath. They're with us now. So I mean as the speech is happening what stuck out to you, Justin. Well, he led with this is a security crisis. We are out of space to hold them. And we have no way to promptly return them back home to the country. And if you're looking at it in terms of human flow over the border, it's really hard to make that argument today think in two thousand one we were looking at a million and a half apprehensions at the border under Trump that that is really hovered around. Three hundred thousand and it's gone up. And that's bothered him under his watch. But it's nowhere near where it has been historically. And really it's at Lowe's over the over the past two decades. And that's that's an important context when we're talking about security crisis as he claims yet KENDALL. What else so did to find this address for you, one of the president's favorite things to repeat over and over despite evidence to the contrary is that Mexico is still going to pay for this wall? And he said that the wall will be paid for indirectly by the great new trade deal. We have made with Mexico. Well, the United States Mexico Canada agreement or US MCA is there's no evidence that this deal is going to pay for the wall. The president of Mexico is saying it's not paying for it. Congress still needs to approve it. But there is absolutely no information at anywhere in there. There would be funding to pay for this wall within that agreement. Well, these are things that you guys immediately flagged for the team saying this doesn't add up. But there were things the president said that clearly were studied up on he's right when he says are Poder. Southern borders a pipeline for vast quantities of legal drugs that's true, including meth heroin cocaine and Fenton. Oh, the problem is they come through ports of entry. They're not being all driven across a across the desert with this is not guys with like kilos of coke in their backpacks. Exactly. In fact, a good number of them are coming in invalids from China. They're coming through the mail and the problem with the president's claim is a wall is not going to do much to stop all of that flow. Senator Chuck Schumer who you will be hearing from later tonight has repeatedly supported a physical barrier in the past the president also likes to repeat that Democrats have supported the border in the past. And they just changed their mind after he was elected, and he's right to suggest that many points Schumer has backed the idea of a wall just in January twenty eighteen they appear to have an agreement for permanent protections for some young documented immigrants in exchange report security that included that well, but. In. Of course, those negotiations just fell apart. He also pointed that they voted for a border fence in the past. And he's right authorized some badly needed funding for better fences, and better security along our borders, and that should help stem some of the tide of illegal immigration in this country, secure fence act called for the construction of a seven hundred mile fence along the southern border that also included surveillance and tech. And also it's of other things, but this was not the big beautiful wall. That Trump is calling for that Schumer did and voting for very very different and kind of apples and oranges to equate the two the semantics of all fence barrier..

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