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To send by testing and medium range ballistic missile this week the big issue here is that they want to add a whole also questions about Pentagon plans to send US troops back to Saudi Arabia there are stirrings of dissent that would be reinforced by the story of well here comes the American infidel troops once again looking back at the red summer race riots that swept the country a century ago plus the KFC that services for one we hear from the franchise owner outside Miami that's all coming up first these headlines live from NPR news in Washington I am Jack's beer the Supreme Court has delivered president trump of victory and his ongoing effort to build a wall along the southern U. S. border is NPR's Tamera Keith reports the court voted five to four you're free of military funds for construction while a legal challenge continues to lower courts had sided with the ACLU Sierra Club in southern border communities coalition who sued arguing president trump didn't have the authority to transfer funds from the military budget to build the wall because Congress holds the power of the purse the trump administration appealed to the Supreme Court asking for a stay to free up the funds while the litigation continues and all five justices appointed by Republican president sided with the trump administration president trump quickly tweeted wow exclamation point big victory on the wall the ACLU says it will ask the appeals court to expedite its consideration of the merits of the case in the meantime the administration can tap two point five billion dollars in Pentagon funds Tamar Keith NPR news Washington but a cyber security expert who has admitted to writing and selling mall where was spared from prison today from member station W. W. M. in Milwaukee Angelina musher Salazar's more twenty five year old markets Hutchins was once hailed as a hero for his role in stopping a worldwide computer virus in twenty seventeen but less than two months later the FBI arrested him and accused him of creating malware to steal banking passwords he faced up to ten years in prison now US district judge in Milwaukee has sentence Hutchins to just time served with a year of supervised release in explaining his sentence the judge said the virus Hutchins help stop was far more damaging than the mail where he wrote for NPR news I'm Angelina motors and I sat in Milwaukee some of the family members of murder victims are welcoming a justice department announcement it will resume the executions of federal prisoners on death row even though the federal death penalty has been on the books the U. S. government is not executed any inmates since two thousand three and cost is more in the first case is now slated to have the census carried out there sixty two people on federal death row so far at the trump administration says it scheduled executions for five of them in December and January the five men who are scheduled to die have all committed crimes that involve the killing of children and the just Hartman says they've also exhausted all of their chance for appeals or legal delay NPR's Martin costing major telecom marriages getting the thumbs up from the justice department regulators today signing off on T. mobiles proposed twenty six and a half billion dollar takeover rival sprint the approval there was some copycats clearing a major hurdle in long the number three number four wireless carriers by subscribers to tie the knot stocks gained ground at week's end the Dow was up fifty one points this is NPR from KQED news I'm Tiffany cam high researchers in San Francisco believe they found a new medication to treat methamphetamine addiction kick you ease health correspondent April Dembowski has more on a new study presented last night at a meeting of the city's math task force researchers followed a hundred and twenty gay men and trans women in San Francisco among those who took the antidepressant mirtazapine Matthews went down by almost a third San Francisco's head of substance use research Philip Kaufman says this is the second study on the drug which suggests these findings are not a fluke it's really exciting this is the first pharmacotherapy that has demonstrated a benefit in two independent trials coffin says FDA approval is still far off the doctors could prescribe or has a keen off label starting now but he says user still need to do counseling at the same time I mean pulled in basking KQED news parts of Santa Clara Alameda at San Benito Monterey and Contra.

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