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I like to call three for the road in in three for the road. That's where i ask three random yet thought provoking questions encouraging. My guess to answer in five words or less. So what do you say you're for. I think a man. Let's do this all right fantastic and by the way. My questions are not cookie cutters. Okay they are original questions customized for you based on your background and your profession. Okay and it's just a fun way to canada camp off the show all right so three for the road here. We go question number one up. In fact you know what yours is. A little different is structured. A little different. I don't know. I had. I had a bit of an imaginary Imagination epiphany as. I was writing this. Okay so here's what. I'm going to do man all right. I'm gonna give you a scenario okay. An event or scenario and based on that give us your interpretation of the ideal location the food in the mood for each scenario. Okay does that make sense and make sense. Do i still have five words or last or do i get anymore howlett out. I'll let it flow man. You go five keep going. Let it flow okay. Here we go ready. Yup number one you just received a promotion We're going out for fajitas and we're gonna sit outside and look at the mountains. And what was the third thing i had to do. I can't remember mood mood. Yeah i'm enjoy. I'm going to be happy. Beautiful beautiful fantastic. Well you knocked out of the park right number. Two scenario number to a close friend has just lost their pet. Rena grab some ice cream. Sit on a neighborhood bench. Just going gonna talk about it. And i'm just going to be open. I am just going to be receptive and listening to what they need to talk about. Very supportive awesome. Fantastic man all right question or question. Scenario number three to campus offer three for the road. You just finished an exhilarating. I can't even talk. You just finished an exhilarating workout..

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