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Choices is David bell going to Cleveland. He was sitting there in the third round 99th overall the reason why you're going to four 6 5 40 at the combine. When everyone else was burning things up. So what? I don't get it. He was winning. Remember when we spoke to him, he was that kid who said that his mom was in the stands, recording all of his stats and he told her afterwards after he saw her at the game. I think did he beat a big, I think he beat Notre-Dame or he beat no, he had a big game. Iowa. He beat Iowa when I was top was top 5. And his mom comes out of the stands with his stats and he says, mom, you know, they have ESPN for that. There's an app for that. And so David bell is really, really good. And you might not take the top of the defense off, but by the way, he could be faster in his pads than he is without him. I think Cleveland got themselves a winner and they need him and Cooper. Together. You know, obviously they've changed their receiving core quite a bit. I like them. I think that's a sneaky good pick and I think Cleveland is going to love David bell. That's number four, and then just again, we'll go one last glue guy here. Number three on the list is Cincinnati's Alec pierce. I was thinking about this when I was talking yesterday to Chris Ballard, the general manager of the Indianapolis Colts. This kid is like mister go route. He's the king of the 50 50 ball. He's a winner. He's also 6 three. And with Michael Pittman at 6 four, so you're going to have to deal with some serious, you know, deep threats that are very tall and then when you're concerned about that, maybe Jonathan Taylor comes out of the backfield and he hits you. I think this kid Alec pierce is going to be an outstanding number two with Pittman being the number one in Indianapolis. He was the second round selection for Indianapolis, and I kind of dig that pick. Number two is another wide receiver. I thought about this when he was at the combine running his routes and going through his drills. I thought to myself, he would be incredible in Kansas City's offense, but they've tyreek hill. Not even imagining in a million years. That tyreek hill was not coming back to the Kansas City Chiefs. And which I've been told, by the way, the chiefs had known for quite some time. It would be very difficult to keep him. Oh, really? And now, Tyree kills gone, and they drafted the kid. In the second round, sky more with two eyes. Is coming at you with both wives from western Michigan. Tyreek hill, 5, ten, one 85. Sky Moore's 5 ten one 95. Look, I'm not saying he's tyreek hill, I'm just saying he's got the height weight of Tyree kill and he's got a big game too and I think Andy Reid is going to plug him in and we're going to see how good he can be and we might see Kansas City joining Tennessee and the department of, well, we can't or we won't pay our receiver who we know and we could see what he's like in our offense. We're going to trade him elsewhere, let him get paid there and we're going to draft his exact comp. We saw Tennessee do that with AJ Brown and trailer Burks and I think we're seeing this now with the chiefs with Tyree kill and sky Moore. I can't wait to see how he's going to do in this offense this fall. And the number one top sneaky good draft choice of the 2022 NFL Draft, according to me, when he was drafted by this team, I thought, oh my God. James cook and the Buffalo Bills offense is, I don't know if that's fair. I don't know if this is fair. Well, as soon as the as soon as he got drafted by the bills, I'm like, oh my, how many times was I talking about the bills needing a back? I don't know if he's got the bell count like his brother. But he can. He can run, man, and he can be a passing matchup nightmare. So you're looking at Stefan Diggs, you're looking at Gabriel Davis, you're looking at Dawson Knox and you're wondering if the quarterback's gonna come downhill and hit you himself. 'cause he can, and he will. And James cook is coming out of the bathroom? That kid from Georgia, who was unguardable by my Michigan wolverines? That kid is now a Buffalo Bill. That's.

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