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It's time for a crunch time. What is what is that? It's crunch time. It's crunch time. It's crunch time. Alrighty wheels. Today is Tuesday the twenty ninth of January. So what do we got on tap for the national day starting off? It is a national plan for vacation day. I guess just they start thinking I'm already where do you want to go this year? I'm doing a little I am going on vacation this year. What vacation only for weekend? We're still not allowed to go. So we're Vegas. Vegas baby. You catch a cold night's game? We're working on that. We are working on that. So the reason why I'm going is because it's a right of passage almost in my family when you turn twenty one we go to Vegas as family. It started with me because I'm the oldest always kind of wall. I'm the only cousin that's older than me lived in Las Vegas. So it doesn't really count. So starting with me, my two younger brothers. Did it my one of my cousins did it? And now the next cousin is doing it huge hockey fan. So we are trying to get into Golden Knights game while we're there, so hopefully it will work out. I think cripple creek when I turned twenty one. Cripple creek. You win anything. No, I don't think I did. I came out in the black five hundred bucks. When I went for my twenty first birthday. Go to the coast, barberie and Gold Coast. That's where it's at in Vegas. Because you win you win on those those lots are legit and every time I've gone back. I've given them the five hundred bucks several times over so anyway, so yes, I am planning on vacation. Are in a row like there's just one thing behind peeking behind the curtain. There's no sense of boundaries. And apparently. End of our studio to any time. Here comes another member of the riffraff coming. All right. Are you going on vacation whales? Or should we put it to our studio audience on whether they're planning on a vacation? What are you guys doing? We're on the rafting show. Geez. I don't know if I'm going to go on vacation this year. We'll see trying but I I like to go vacation with other people because of my situation, you know, flying with wheelchair can get if he I've heard I've heard horror stories, so I'd like to have somebody with me. In the people. I'm relying on to go on vacation with ours is. Big travelers. Even on a lot of fun around my debt. So I'm trying to go to Chicago with my dad. Okay. Because I want to catch a game at rate idea. I've never been to Wrigley in my life. Really? I thought you had never been around been to Chicago like two or three times haven't been originally. So I want to leave to go to a game in. We've also mentioned Milwaukee is an hour and a half way every time of radio. Really? Yeah. He's kinda from Chicago. So see I'm kind of that. I'm kind of that because my family is super into traveling. Yeah. I I have been to quite different bunch of different places growing up bright. And I'm very fortunate in that way, and I picked the wrong career to be able to do that for my son. By like, my my family went to Mexico. The week of New Year's the week after January first, and I didn't I didn't go. So I'm the one that they're usually trying to drag along because I'm saying the kids all work. All I got this. I got so. And the other thing is like I'm expected to do everything. But it's like we'll give me dates, Brian like, another another triple with my brother, but he works. He's he's got a full time job. You know, an easily. Move occasionally. And it's like give me date come on. Right. And that's one of the things about traveling. And that's why there's days full circle. That's why there's days like this. Yeah. Because it is quite a bit in our in our modern busy lives. It's really freaking difficult to think of something six months from now. It's like I'm just trying to get through Tuesday. Right. Continuing with our national days or more. It is also national puzzle day. Yeah. I do puzzles. Digital puzzles, but still puzzles. And also it is a national corn ship day. Okay. So where's the brand loyalty there? Or are you not a corn? Chip courtship guy. You are not a salsa and chips guy. No, really. Really, I like to think that I'm more of a free thinker. And I'm not I don't get suckered into things by a celebrity spokespeople. But toasty does with John Claude van Damme is just like how could I not make St. does my go-to? Do we know if toasty does is doing because I wanna see JEAN CLAUDE van Damme. Do a Super Bowl commercial. So awesome mile allegiance is is was toes-to-toes in his purely because of John Claude van Damme. Seventy year old John Calvin he looks great. He looks like he's made of plastic. But he looks great. He's probably Illeana sixty. I joke. Anyway. Yeah. Why don't we take a little break here? Let's was composed ourselves. All right. A lot of excitement we.

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