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Anyway, also on the blog today. I know you're shocked by this. But Burton Burton earning. You're actually gay the confirmed bachelors who always wore kind of match he but not matching matching outfits, and let's face it. If your bird and you're wearing saddle shoes. I don't know for. There was a lot of red flags there. Lot of clues breadcrumbs dropped along the way on that one. Now, Sesame Street writer is confirming that at least when he was writing for Sesame Street. He wrote Bert and Ernie as a long term loving gay couple. Did you not know this? It can have you not heard this. Now, it's been confirmed that confirmed bachelor, I always thought they were whereas saddle shoes come on, really krone puppets. And I know they wouldn together. Sorry, go there. Good times. Yeah. Okay. You've got to come in and show and tell you come in at three oh five can you do that at three zero five I can do Susan is on a tear about food and about packaging and about how food producers off short. They're cutting a short, they are you're so clever, and you caught it and you're going to blow people's minds. We should do a whole breaking news sounder for that three. Oh five. Oh, no, Greg would not like that. Now. We've no breaking ball. Just make up a break. We'll we'll have our own breaking. Sign. Seriously, went on a tear with me this morning. I'm like, oh, yeah. You're coming on the show talking about this. What's coming up in the news? In the meantime, some of the most prominent names in football or boycotting the annual induction ceremony at the NFL hall of fame. I'm gonna tell you why at one thirty on KOA because they shrunk the size of the food. No, the gold jackets don't fit anymore. No, no. It's not true. I'll tell you why. KOA NewsRadio eight fifty eight and ninety four one FM. Judge Brett.

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