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But here right is supposed to matter. It's what's made us the greatest nation on earth. No Constitution can protect US right. It doesn't matter anymore and you know you can't trust this president do what's right for this country you can trust. He will do. What's right for Donald Trump? Welcome to episode twenty two of how we win all over the country ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Were giving you the tools you need to jump in and make a difference right now you know the best antidote to anxiety is his actions. Twenty twenty th year and we need you to join partee on today's episode. We discussed the Iowa caucuses with Iowa. Representative Cindy asks ax me. She gives us a look at how the caucuses work how they help other important races. And why Iowans are really ready for presidential candidates to get Outta town. Then we're going to give you some tips for setting up your own personal fundraising pages so you can start raising money to help. Vote out these vulnerable and feckless backless Republican senators math. Hello Joanie I'm Steve Pearson Mariah Craven and this is how we win. I Awoke Caucus our this next Monday Monday evening. And I'm really interested to see how this discussion today. Informs and influences the Iowa Iowa Caucus voters the democratic caucus goers will be supporting President Vice President Biden at this point. Goodbye Joni Ernst. She said out loud the thing that they've not supposed to say out loud that dragging Biden through all of this is just trying to you. You know knock him down as a presidential candidate. I mean I mean the goal. I'm like they just they just say well same same say that you're not supposed to say this is along the lines of Mick Mulvaney being like yeah this happens get over it people like but you know what it's making voters jobs a lot easier now. Isn't it when you don't have to wonder about People's motivations you know there you go. Yeah well it's full steam ahead We have a couple of things to talk about and First of all Adam Schiff was frigging amazing. Oh he was is great he was so compelling the Republicans are complicit Partners in this cover up right now and I expect McConnell and the Republicans Lukens to shut this down to continue to shut it down as as soon as they possibly can sure yet. They're wrapping up very quickly very and tight short lie-filled presentation by my face. You lawyers is going to have to replace all pictures of hypocrisy in dictionaries. Now Yeah I you know eldest feels very much like like a real bad episode of game. mm-hmm of thrones. Were you know that these folks are thinking long term. Even you know we even have to try to figure out what Bolton's John Bolton tunes motivations are we have to take a look at like what and try to figure out what what is driving him. There's obviously personal profit it for him to gain from having this book come out and everybody's talking about it already but there there's there's more to it than that. What's behind Bolton? That's a good good question that man tick but the same questions have to come up for you know Mitt Romney and the senators who are hinting that they might vote. Vote to allow witness more like additional witness testimony. It's not only. Hey this is the right thing to do we. I know that it is so I have some there. I have some thoughts on this that I'd like to share first of all we hear on the news a lot about about how terrified these senators are of trump and And how important it is to them that they don't get primary. How important it it is? They hold onto the support and they're afraid of his little twitchy tweeting thumbs and how that could come back to Damage them right. But it goes way way beyond that and this is why Adam shifts incredibly heartfelt compelling statement about about standing up in this moment of history will fall on these feckless and deaf ears because they really are partners in this. And if you look at Mitch McConnell McConnell and what he has done over the years in the Senate this goes way beyond trump ran in many many ways a case can be made that taking taking the Senate is more important than replacing Donald Trump. In the president's first of all McConnell he has the Hashtag Moscow Mitch for reason not just because it pisses him off right. There's been pictures of other senators like Mike Braun who was pictured with live Parnassus You know he says that Rudy Giuliani. He just came to a campaign thing and that they were taking pictures together and he doesn't really know them. Seems like a lot of people. Have a Lotta pictures with Parnell. Who Don't know this guy? Say say love partners seems like that one facebook friends. You have that doesn't work in the entertainment industry but has a picture with everybody. He's he's showing up in pictures everywhere. Which means that he's been everywhere which means that he's been talking to a lot of people and they've been talking to him so for people people who are listening if you're listening to this and the Senate has not yet voted on allowing more witnesses and documents to be part of this trial? Please please call your senator and encourage them to vote in favor of that. That's really important. It really really is. They need to hear from you. You and Call Your Senators Democratic senators to and thank them and encourage them to hold that line and to continue pushing for witnesses and documents right and And there will be mobilization events around the final vote Right now looks like that Vote will be on Friday and then you know whenever the final vote is so we will let you know what we hear but keep your eyes peeled for mobilisation events around that. Yeah yeah another thing that that obviously is coming up that we're real like all is going to be on Iowa soon hand while trump is not uh-huh up for debate in Iowa right now. We're going to see which Democrats come out on top and let's see who in the public is paying attention. I and how they're perceiving the information that's being Shoveled at them. Yeah well I think most of our Democratic voters are actually a pretty pretty smart. Pay Attention Iowa voters as we hear from representatives Cindy later are really plugged in they. Yeah I really pay attention. Because it's it's kind of part of the fabric of their lives. They're on these caucuses. Yeah this is a really cool interview if you are not in Iowa then it's going to give you an inside. Look at all of the information and and organizing meetings that Iowans get to be a part of As the first folks to vote in the country it was also fascinating to hear. Just how the caucuses break down. Everyone's going to enjoy hearing about that but Mariah The primaries are here. They're here. Yeah Iowa on Monday less than a week and then New Hampshire right after that right. Early voting is about to start in states across the country. So people are. I think they're I think people are already casting ballots. It's in some places. Actually they're not going to be counted yet. But Yeah it's here because I move away from these polls and see actual results. Yeah if you were waiting waiting to get involved odier you don't have much time. Come on what are you so what do you think what do you think about how. How's your feeling on the ground about the primaries right now? Well so it's interesting. I mean we always talk about this. The presidential sucks all the air out of the room but what it does. Is it mobilizes people to you know they're like since I'm here voting. I might as well vote down ballot by the way. Vote your entire entire ballot. Please please do well so this is a really good point though because you're disappointed with the candidate who makes it through the primary. You don't have to to give the money and you don't have to volunteer with them. Take that money and and take your volunteer resources and volunteer for Senate campaign or for a local legislature and those down ballot races pay dividends up. The ballot. Right doesn't always work the other way around right. That's a good. That's a good point point and I think that people are going to have to in the coming weeks Sort of reckon with what we've talked about on this show before which is like the people. I was rooting for are all so that we're going to be on the value. But they're all out of the race but you know you you feel like a little bit of a loss us you also have to keep your eye on the bigger picture and we get asked a lot about how contentious things feel you you know. I think we started out as a party. We started all this out really strong. Things are getting tough right now and there is a little bit more polarization that we've been seeing. I would say in the in the last few weeks months or so and I think that's because people are passionate about what's happening people are hurting about what's happening but I'm trying to think of diplomatic way pace is not just about. Oh you like put your big girl panties on you know and go all out for your candidate. As long as they're in the race and if they continue to be in the race continue to go all out and if they're not in the race then don't attack the people who are still oh left in the race right. Put your the put that amazing energy that you have to get used on the ballot. Bright so That's a really good good point. I I am feeling the same thing. There is a lot more contention. I will say the media blows it way up. Yeah also those use hashtags and things that come out in these twitter feuds all that are hey guys just a reminder these are fueled by bots by Russian interferers. I mean e clear eyed about who is amplifying these messages and then don't further amplify them yourselves because it it doesn't help anybody yeah. I saw on twitter this week in fact and influence Sir who is a big supporter of one of the presidential chill candidates who was spreading incredibly false information to a very large audience. And you have to appreciate that. This person is passionate and was outraged by something that was not true but but also the. That's doing a lot of damage for your candidate. Because now you're not being honest and you're an extension of that candidate And also you're getting a lot of people really amped up about something and it's not you know spreading misinformation is is harmful in all of this. Well it's it's really what we are talking about when we talk about. How Russia interfered in the last election? And presidential yeah that's exactly right and spreading misinformation and splitting apart is exactly how they win. that is literally the playbook that will put Donald Trump back in the office. Divide and conquer. That's that's how the Republicans do it. So let's be really clear eyed intentional. About how we talk about our candidates know that we're GonNa vote blue no matter who makes it through the primary but you don't have to be snuck a candidate that you're in love with please put your time in passion in the Senate man we have to take back the Senate. There is a lot of really important things that we can do if we had the Senate back and that's the harder push guys. That's where we really need more volunteers. Volunteers more money. More energy. The last thing I'll say is that as seen a couple of people that I know who are on social media. You're talking about the cowardly boot-licking you know Democratic Schillt's who are saying things like unifier die. I and the idea that we have any other option is so completely outrageous. Come on grow the fall of new. You WanNa put on a yellow vest and burn down Milwaukee because your candidate doesn't make it through like come on and I'll say Lt. Hey the Democratic Party set all this up they up in twenty sixteen by being unfair and now everybody's losing their mind about doubt it but what you're GonNa do is talk about burnt like come on. I'm so got the getting all worked up again. I came in. I told her dot com getting there again. All right fired up Mariah I and you're right and and the the like whatever unifier die I get that there are. People who are feel. Disenfranchised is by the unifier die slogan by that and I respect that and understand that to a certain extent but we all know what the stakes are and I'm usually the people who are PURISTS and have like it's this issue or I cannot vote for this person. They are generally in a position of privilege to be able to have that opinion Just continue continue to think about The people who are affected by this administration the most the kids who are being separated from their families. The families please who being imprisoned at the border now. The Supreme Court has just ruled that The trump administration can go ahead with their Are Immigrants Prince going to be a burden on our system threshold on whether we accept asylum seekers into our country. Do we think that you're GonNa be that your report come here. Basically what they're saying these these people don't have the luxury to debate about what our Democratic nominee Who are Democratic nominee is going to be the and what their policies are going to be? So you know. Let's acknowledge that we all basically agree on the same things that we're fighting for that we want and where we disagree. CREE is the best way to get there. And that's a healthy disagreement to have because that's GonNa make Oliver idea stronger. Yeah okay so to do list. We talked about calling. You're under no matter. What side of the aisle? They're on. Yes please continue to do that. And we talked about how important it's going to be too Flip the Senate. Yes today this call to action is since our episodes on Iowa and since Joni Ernst SYS given us so many good feelings this week week. Senator Ernst. Yeah let's let's show her how much money we can raise for Iowa. Let's donate to the Iowa superstate. Eight Fund We'll have a link on our show page by. Also you can go to swing left dot org slash funds and find it right there..

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