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Kind of nervous as far as chris hogan damien danny amadullah an brennan cooks go while ruckaus gets a must star and like i said i really don't trust new england's defense they give up a lot of yards not 20 points but they don't create tone overzier too many sacks so what do i think scan happened his game doings in a win this went wrong house he's now have a big game all right and i think it's going to be closer than what people think but like 10 points close so i got the patriots in this one i think john lewis might get a touchdown near the goal anything that's going to happen but i'm not sure if you could really rely on that plus we're gonna talk about the jaguars pittsburgh steelers game next so we got couple running backs in that one that we you talk about mambia to pick up and i understand that it costs money to pick his guys have been daily fantasy and i know not actual money but they give you a budget to use on your team so yeah i got the patriots winning in this one like i said robin cousins and play well and i just don't trust marcus mariona tavak a game in this one so as could wrap it up for the segment next up we're gonna be talking jagr's steelers so stay tuned and we will be right back put a new face on an old kitchen the home depot's cabinet experts can release your kitchen cabinets for a mini makeover at a fraction of the time it and right now you can get an extra 10 percent off our licensed local experts can get the job done right and played away is it will face another year in an outdated kitchen try replacing it get huge savings now only at the home depot more saving more doing offer valid through january seventeen th two thousand eighteen in place since numbers available at home depot dot com slash license numbers.

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