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I think we should con- sense understanding regardless going on in the lab as gained functions Just briefly explained for me nicklaus. Because i imagine many people listening to our conversation really. Don't understand the role of the echo. Health alliance in how money went from united states government through a third party to the wuhan institute of technology. The some is a nonprofit in new york and his present is two piece of dasher so the money from dr fauci agency did not get direct. Who have you unc. dr dasha. Who is is the principal investigator. I mean he's the guy responsible for executing research on so. He didn't sub contracted the money to dr january. She at the wuhan institute. She is the woman who is known as the bat woman because she has done. Extensive research on bats. And i believe she's the one who demonstrated or her lab demonstrated that bats were the original source of the virus that gave us one correct as and she's made no secret of the fact that she has received money through the echo health alliance. I believe her. Cv list grant. She has received through that channel. Ride metro public record. So do we know what this grant money. Actually funded has that been made public well whilst we made public is an abstract of the ground. Proposals are the foreground proposal is still secrets. And we don't have exactly what she grants do. But if you read the abstract. It's clear that she was genetically in manipur acing viruses that she was swapping spying proteins from our large collection of novel viruses from one virus to another in a way the over certainly could have caused a again function now. Another very important aspect. Wina about a research researches. She didn't publish one paper in two thousand seventeen which again described how she was doing a spike swap. Experience and crazy. These two novas is able to infect human cells so she was right on the pathway to creating something light sauce covy to amazon. Would you would do nicholas why these experiments were being done. I often hear the phrase. I think you may have used in your writing bug getting ahead of nature. Yes the rationale for james experiments which just around the world day. It wasn't just up to she. These animal origin epidemics gain to occur from time to time. And you can. You can get ahead of them and bridge a half if you take the viruses from the animal before they copying pathogens. If you treat them in your lap making this mutation that relationships to create the pathogen the fear then you can predict when when of ours is ready.

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