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Two years probation a boys and girls club installers counties losing money and patients because someone keeps vandalizing their vans couples gade cohen has more on the effect is having on the kids who is in girls club the fleet driving their mission forward cycles eight and out of the law ir olive our van direct for mercy volmer and a 150 kids rely on their six fans to get around safely and on time we need to now japanese ran from take cut hence marci's frustration house was right under this week mercy staff found that gasline on one of their fans cart at a garden hose shoved inside i have sam they were just letting a gaffe spell out until some third a container repair and refill for the tank cost them almost two hundred dollars why would somebody did at staff and to care they must be really got spray but now marci's desperate to because they found it cut gas line at least six times is here plus someone's site the now gas at least a dozen other times they are now working that means i can't yet to wear i need to be at this point mercy's patience is running on empty we would get them how we would help them stop in selma escape cohen come on man is charged with firstdegree murder after cop say he bragged about the deadly shooting to several people police say abel linares mateo shot edison velez quiz last month after blessed quiz was lured outside by his ex girlfriend ana kasporov a was also charge with murder this week deputies are questioning two teenagers about a brush fire that threatened the neighborhood and graham investigators say the fourteen and fifteen year olds haven't been arrested they live near the spot where the fire started friday afternoon flames came within a few feet of some homes matthew garcia evacuated erin inside with i gave the fire brush fires out today rain help with a hot spots families who were evacuated are back home tonight now they find nuclear alum right now is threatening twenty homes knows those families of in order to get out the tian away river fire started friday afternoon it's grown now two hundred and fifty acres evacuation shelters open at the mercer creek church in ellensburg just as the weather is becoming more fall like an temperatures dropping some kids in the kids school district got some new witter coach for free it's part.

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