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Catholic. Point cut if he takes the period. Plenty coffee policy. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah that's up. Everybody is leading skaggs podcast. We are coming from the gas digital studios in east village new york. I'm your host big j. o. Kherson this gangster all here today. We have david smith. I thought i was on as a guest today. No you're here as usual. No i left the show he did. I'm equivalent oh welcome back day. Oh i'm not back. I left the show and i'm honored to be the first guest that you guys book. Just doing some promo than i thought about better like this gang here happened for column. Of course puerto rican stanley the rattlesnake the reigning else meaning champ coffee spilled all over computer is holding it together louis. J gomez de. Hello everyone. sorry that we're not live on monday. Nights are that there's no audience what we promise that we will bring to you and incredible show the filthiest dirtiest the most offensive podcasts earth. We are the legion of skanks. Our why our our guest Returning gifts so we love here on the show. Everyone is still areas column. Daryl has gone on what's up. What up doggie. Now you guys are on the road together now bit right we're gonna may twenty-first baby boy will be in something other connecticut some or something and i think we're gonna be doing that gig and san diego farm gig and one. Is that what it is the bill. Burr duda. I think like yeah. I'll be doing obviously way more people at my show them room for your people. I don't i mean they were able to get birth people in but we'll see what happens but Yeah very very excited to be back out on the road. Did some standup last night at the stand. That was a lot of fun. Came out for the live allegiance gang show. We had a bunch of special guests so a lot of fun all guys on the show. You know horse shit female comedians. It was great. Oh thank right. Nobody does that we are. I promise you with the only show that books and all-male line-up now oh yeah and it was almost all white male lineup We need a black some time. That's our woman and you guys not forget. You're there okay. i'm mostly it always hold some Some ethnic value to the show. If if you're a brown comic on your lineup starts a white power chant. In the middle of their set it kind of takes away from the ethnicity of all of it does definitely affect the situation. Your glasses Sponsored the show. Yes they're awesome right authors. They're beautiful glasses. 'cause they would look great on headed individual you think it's the size of the glasses and the size of the head. You do have a pineapple lee head. I just realized that the same silhouette as a pineapple. Isabella is when she was little. Remember which used to draw me. It was easy. She goes just make a pineapple express. It's the hair really helps. Fuck i love you. Yeah we look great. Show planned today. We have lots to talk about. I sent bobby a bunch of fucking topic. I was thinking about this though. We should don't touching your nose the microphone because you got a wicked book. I no yeah there. It is your finger you shove the backup but what did you do like sonic trick to figure those arms fingers good do did you see that everyone wind. He looked right as if they might eat it now. The only show. It did a screen. You did that would all. I'll throw we'll give you fifty dollars. Louis louis has done a lot but that was the most reprehensible thing i've ever seen. He brought him a tissue and instead of taking tissue lewis extended his finger. We're on the here's you wipe and remove because why and then got mad that he put it down like. Why would you place a tissue. That should be your next special. Lucia gomez where's my. Here's my book buggy. Can i have a tissue mike. This knows isn't going to wipe itself. How much eat my boogie me. What am i call price. There's one now is not like it's going to be. Let's not a big wet one a straight up or nice one that one. That one was pretty small. Oh god i'm going to be bigger than a little bit of weight to it. Needs until you see solid thick meaty. It's gonna be a lot of money. I'm going to projectile vomit for the rest. I'm gonna pile member it randomly and checked out of my life. The question is how much does it work for you to get sick a lot. You're going to say i'm gonna say twelve pukes and then two to three hundred dry heaves like when you're thinking about sometimes as you're winding down. Yeah that's not a bad. That's not a bad a guesstimate. And i say for that. It's six figures it's mid to high six figures. Oh it's no question. That was a floor. Fuck a guy for less. Yeah he's not going to try heave over that in the future. Get fucked by seven hundred fifty the price of what. I can only describe as a nice mansion in new jersey. took get fucked by a due to. we're all naming these in the millions. And j when i'm gonna go to your salary goes. Yeah just you know enough to make one big cash all the perfect. That'd be nice yet. I mean to eat another human beings. I'm you probably have the amount of time that different under knowing it's not the problems not the physical tab. Nothing's going to to me. It's the psychological. It's gonna cause the react like i'm going to have problems with it like i'll be. You wouldn't be sick to your stomach thinking about when all this happened. I was like it's fucking ireland. They they spread boogers on toast. They're disgusting peer pressured into doing it for free probably. That's a drinking problem. Yeah because gone. Can i eat your boogie. Have that would you rather eat a booger or a mega mega. I've eaten what. Yeah why just for fun. No really hunger man know just what do they call not fund in ireland. Now they were. They were vest as in. My life tick sucked as punishment for stealing. I wish this is the old days of the show. I would if this was like two thousand fourteen. I think i could probably convince us to do our own version of naked nephritis and episode of the show. Only i body insecurities would the gay. I don't think i ever would have been down for that. Lewis is just making up a time in his mind testified we did. We would all appear star paul's together. We didn't do all podcasts. That's true but there were no cameras. Involved it's weird things you say you say things you could be talked into. I can't be talking to piercing my balls before eating your bogey on the show definitely yeah. I'd rather pierce my balls anita buggy. Yeah me too soon. Bogey bogey and your but but but boogie in your butt boogie in your the eddie murphy. I think it was eddie. Murph- maybe put on booking your but i think there's a video for it's so bad. Comedy was so much easier in the eighties so easy to.

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