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You're more likely to be a night person you work in. Business or finance, and you tend to like rock music and Seinfeld reruns. There's gonna be with seventy years in North Texas moving to Switzerland Alcon, which makes eye care products is based in Fort Worth but has been owned by Novartis since two thousand eleven the parent company says the divisional headquarters will remain in Tarrant county, but workers will start moving to Europe next year the spinoff, whether it's tax benefits should be completed within twelve months Alcon. Ceo says the company has had a major presence in Switzerland for more than four decades. And that the change will expand the company's global reach Mitch card NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD New York Jewish family reunited with a French impressionist painting that the Nazis stole in World War Two for small Renoir, canvas to women in a garden was one of several stored in a Paris, volt by Jewish. Art collector Alfred Weinberger before he fled the Nazi invasion, seventy seven years later. His granddaughter Sylvie solicitor, dotted back in an emotional ceremony. At New York's museum of Jewish heritage. I'm very thankful to be able to show might be the family wherever they are. That's what they've been through Justice on hand at the ceremony the US law enforcement officials who helped restore the painting to its rightful owner. Vicki Barker, CBS, news, DC comics, films, have another empty superhero. Uniform. The Hollywood reporter has a story Henry Cavill is not playing superman in any more movies. He's one of the costumes for three films, including manage steel Batman versus superman in Justice league. Neither side is talking about what happened. There have been plans for superman to cameo in the movie, but both sides couldn't get together on a schedule to shoot. At one source told the Hollywood reporter DC isn't planning anymore superman appearances for a few years and Cavill might be too old to play the part, especially when they do decide to use the character. Again, small town in Kentucky says farewelled will former mayor the first female mayor of rabbit hash Kentucky has died. She was twelve and she was a dog Lucy Liu a border collie served from two thousand eight to twenty sixteen CBS Sunday mornings Bill Geist covered that race ten years ago. Any of these candidates have fleas have they ever made a mistake on the kitchen floor voters want to know the river town of three hundred fifteen people holds this election every four years as a fundraiser for the local historical society, a female pit bull holds the mayor's title in rabbit hash. Now, Steve Kaethe and CBS news. There's something about Pluto that some people don't like. But there could be Justice soon next..

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