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You in a little bit the good news is there are currently no accidents but it is a friday and we do have some rain so it is busy on the roadways we'll get to that in a moment this story every time something about this story comes up at the musters up emotions and anger in citizens across central florida we told you that the orlando cop killer markeith loyd was back in court today i witness news channel nine shannon butler was there shannon good evening to you and i'm understanding that markeith loyd is going to get a change in legal representation here's a turney last night filed a motion asking you to withdraw from the case there's this technical thing that says that his attorney to be the lead counsel on a death penalty case has to have had so many cases two of them that went from start to finish and his attorney didn't technically have that i'm not sure in the end it would have been an issue but the judge just wasn't willing to risk it because this is just not a case you wanna try again it's been very difficult to get to this point as you know in the beginning markeith loyd was not as cooperative is one would like and you just don't wanna try it again so the judge granted that meeting now the judge has to appoint a new attorney can cannot take his own attorney because we're footing the bill for his defense but also while this is happening this could potentially push back the trial that's scheduled for january right well september i mean there's no way around it you've got shoddy dixon's trial and september and then lieutenant deborah clayton's in january but with a new attorney if you pick a brand new one basically prosecutors argued we gotta start all over again so it is going to delay it markeith loyd wants an attorney that has kind of been around since the beginning wanted him in the first place he's from miami and he wasn't qualified to do this well now he is in markeith loyd said listen let's go ahead and check this miami attorney the judge said you know i'll take it into consideration but you don't get to choose i get to choose but if judge did do that that might help speed up the case a little bit but no doubt i don't take markeith loyd going to trial in september you remember in the very beginning he also wanted to represent himself so i don't know if he's sort of been working the system but most likely like you said that september trial of his exgirlfriend's death chardonnay dixon we'll be getting pushed back shannon butler eyewitness news channel nine thank you shannon we'll speak.

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