Syria, Riyadh, European Union discussed on BBC Newshour


The preferable the opposition and it's me gene doctorates including western countries in arab states still insist that in the long run if there is to be a sustainable future for syria then there should be a change in the leadership the president assad must go at some point you know i've heard here in riyadh that they they will not be pose now to president assad competing in those 2021 elections if you want reconstruction money from the european union because the russians certainly don't want to provide that then you have to talk about some kind of political transition it may not be the one in fact it will not be the one that the opposition has been trying to negotiate without success in geneva for years now and ideas with president assad stepping down but there has to be a sense in which is a recognition of what has gone on in syria for the last seven years the pain the loss the abuse the punitive the torture and that if syria is going to turn the page it must in fact start a new chapter come on let's just returns where we started a thing president putin on his role we'll we'll sort of road you think he will play in the next phase of all this he's clearly played the decisive role in the militry part of it but in the diplomatic aspects what do you think a lot of the other arab countries including saudi arabia and egypt have gone to ids putin and russia because now they see him as the kingmaker the us have lost that aura of being you know the final habits his role in the middle east to putin has successfully done that on the battlefield as a result diplomatically many people are looking to moscow and the saudis no saudi king it ever visited moscow before the current one so that was a recognition they they will be the ones that will also decide what will happen on the negotiating table we are there from come out alarm and from you vows lease duceppe you're listening to newshour from the bbc world service distribution of the bbc world service newshour in the.

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