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Great to lilla. Muhammad and sydney mclaughlin had the best to head in sports. They alternate wins in world records in the four hundred meter hurdles and with it all on the line and tokyo they went all out. Free here. looks weird is at the last hurdle mclaughlin finishes with the world record. Let's go. The los angeles lakers had like fifty cents to work with this off season and they signed every body areso ellington bays more month. None white our carmelo anthony and they're so old you're supposed to say how old are they. Tony these so old. If you make an adam and eve joke they say through soon too soon. You're all week. emily kaplan. Can this possibly work with the lakers. Come on we're all getting. Karl malone and gary payton vibes right two thousand four. A bunch of vets ring chasing los angeles and the two thousand four lakers team was very good. They made it all the way to the nba finals. But then they got obliterated by detroit pistons team. That was a lot better. And that's kind of what i'm seeing with. These lakers team to they were smart to add a bunch of shooting around a big three of russ. Ad lebron but i think they lack some of the talent and the defense to go up against a team like brooklyn. I also think carmelo's looking at this team as a thirty seven year old and it was like i gotta start telling people. I'm thirty six and shave a year off because all the cool kids on this team are thirty. Six him black stone. This is an older team. Let's just say it like that. Can this possibly work. Of course it can work if there's one thing that the nba does not serve. It is youth. You just saw it again in the nba finals experienced players with the milwaukee bucks who put away a younger lead team by the sons. You look at thirty two years old. That was the average. Age of one of michael jordan's teams in one. I think that's the oldest team. Ever in fact if you just look at the two thousands i think only the one of the warriors teams which was maybe averaging around twenty five twenty. Six years of age is actually pulled this out so you wanna be experienced you need. You need the grizzled veterans in order to get by. Look at who the sons add just a couple of years ago. The sons were the youngest roster in basketball. And who did they add to try and get over the top. Jae crowder was one of them and chris. Paul was the other they went for the experience. So you need that any kind. Can this possibly work with the lakers are doing well. I i'll say kaby. I'm not sure that'd be my take away from the finals with the bucks and giving especially that. Tv three struggled at the end and the bucks didn't have playoff experience. But that said i came here. Ready to roast the lakers for being old. And then i saw june we on this panel and now i feel compelled to defend their which is what they're bringing to the table as well as emily said shooting and that was of course a sore need for them with lebron ad and westbrook and now in ellington monk bays more and carmelo anthony. They've got guys who are shooting around forty percent from three. They did sacrifice a lot in defense ever easily. It can defend howard helps in the paint but giving up caruso. I think is really huge. He was the best perimeter defender on that team. He signed a really reasonable deal in chicago. I feel like the lakers should've strove to keep him that. Said they've got lebron. Ad they're still gonna win the west and then probably lose to brooklyn lou. How about you. The lakers are so old that they should be called. The minneapolis. Lakers the lakers are promotion for bingo night and be dressing up the staple center like it's a retired okay. It's one of those things where you know. Obviously they have a lot of experience on that roster. But i think one of the biggest snack here is the fact that they lost that defense. As mentioned alex crew is such a good defender. Casey p is a plus defender denis shrewd was a plus defender. I think they're taking a major step back here and while the experience definitely buys a lot in the nba. This is a really young league right now. A lot of the best star players in the nba. Right now are really really young. I think the lakers are going to have some things to climb.

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