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Simon manetti the business leader Frome. Episode 17. How does one describe a WeChat sticker? So it's not creepy but anything with like kids in it where they're doing. They're just so real right. So kids doing a dance kids doing fist pumps. I'm all for it, you know authenticity unbridled passion NICU the playwright from episode thirty-eight, you know, that is just a boy. So happy when you walk is so happy, you know, I think that is me I also want to like that song when I was young in the village I would do like that is all of the world is mine. I'm a guy from both of my heart to want be happy. Ross Coleman the theater producer from episode 22. Let me just hear you are orange dancing boy or orange boy. I mean, he's another door opening in a way because then after that you have to collect every single one that this kid has been apart of is orange boy. There's also green boy. This also purple boy. They're all the same boy. He has different outfits on he's always dancing dancing with a joy that is unparalleled by anybody else's dancing. It's completely unselfconscious. I like to think that he doesn't know that he's a WeChat sticker like and the he's, you know, there's not going to be that problematic thing of putting your kids on the internet and then they grow up to resent you. Maplesville the comedian from episode two in Kasha ones like a Japanese cartoon and then she's so happy and innocent and she has a happy family as well. And I think I just I want to be her but I can't be hurt. Yeah, you know, but I like her she just likes so happy and didn't think about anything. I have so much dark side in my childhood, but hers doesn't so I want to my daughter may be growing up like that. Greg Nance the ultra-marathon athlete from episode 23. Yes, my two favorite WeChat stickers one is Derek Zoolander and he's dancing with his friends in his open-air Jeep. And that's from one of my favorite movie Zoolander. And the second is the rapper Drake. He's got a song called hotline bling where he does this kind of fun dance lounge and there's a sticker where he's actually playing Fruit Ninja which is fantastic. So, Thank you. That's getting on social media afterwards. Sabrina Chen the dawn program curator from episode 26 to normal rolling on the floor. Okay. Let's see this you just sent it to me, right? Yes. Okay, so I know this guy from lying, right? Yeah, it's growing on me. I've seen it through a couple of Loops now and I'm laughing. Okay, I'm a fan. I'm going to use that one song. Emily match the aquarium conservationists from episode 14. So so it's a woman with Attitude straightened down the street off. She grabs a businessman and starts dry humping him and his face. Oh my God, it sounds really random. I don't know how to describe. How would you describe it? That's how it looks. I'm actually I'm a little bit embarrassed. Am I going red? That's why it's my favorite. You have to post it. Okay, I'm posting it. I definitely I'm doing it under duress. This is objectifying. I am completely scandalized by this one again. I'm sorry to put you in that position. It's very funny. Okay. Lusia the marketer for sprite from episode 5. It's about a famous star of soap operas in Mexico. Actually, I was so surprised to receive that year in China, you know in the other part of world and it's just like, you know this beautiful girl, but it's like so 8:00 is and so old-fashioned but yet so insightful so current right now. So that's my favorite one and you know what it has a great caption, but I'm not going to ruin it. I'm going to let people look at it on social media. AB deya the tour manager from episode 27 this one because it annoys my fiance because I I do a similar face. Okay, so did not explain what this one is. This one is Christian Bale doing an arrogant at all. I would say arrogant. Yeah. Yeah get a little kissy-face like smooch. Yes. There's not much and there's there's a high level of smugness. Yeah. Yeah that would annoy you if want to say that word. Oh, yeah, and you do this face. I can't imagine you doing this space. I do that face. Oh definitely off every time I put that sticker up. It's like I rolling Eric olander the journalists from episode 3. I have a lot I do this was actually one of the harder questions and but I do like the slow clap. So I've got a couple of slow clap stickers and just to make fun of my friends who are you know, either expressing Pride or expressing something and you're just you kind of give them a slow clap, which is so yeah, I'll save the slow clap Taylor the paint expert from episode 28 off. My favorite. WeChat sticker is Tina Fey Liz Lemon high-fiving herself. Excellent. I know the one I must use that one quite a lot as well. If it's our similarly slightly snarky and sarcastic personalities. Yeah, that's right because we think we're always right and there's no one else actually believes us so we might as well just hi find ourselves. Not right. I mean, yeah, sorry. Architecture the fashion designer from episode 30. Okay. Can you describe this? Is Illustrated I can say humor and the has is moving like a fan and exploring too many hearts and that's all right cute. Yeah song. Sebastian is the inclusion Advocate from episode 11 in old lady. That is just laughing at in I think sometimes we are too serious about just about laughing. Stephen DeMarco the events Company CEO from episode nineteen. Let me send it to you. So it's a friend of mine actually recorded a short video of a buddy mine and myself outside of a restaurant in Taipei, and I'm just doing some city than sitting in front of the restaurant. So I just think it's funny cuz there's there's nice stuff in there and I have no idea who get that kind of stuff done. And in what situation would you send this sticker when I'm happy which happens if we have an hour beautiful and sickening at the same time? There was Sheldon the documentary filmmaker from episode 9 hmmm this one that I've been very fond of lately, which is a girl on a bicycle Chase in a motorcycle. And what in context do you use that? Like when you're running late or more like doing something impossible like we can yeah, we can do it off is very fond of the boy with the extremely large Chrome slowly combing his hair Nene some the artists from episode 16. Okay, can you describe this is I don't know. This is in Chinese is called Tony, is like this kind of I don't know. What kind of dog is this like a sheep or something? I think it's a llama. Is it a lot? Yeah, I think it's a llama. That's the name of it. I just like his face. It's like chewing and like home and he just turned into like what like a.

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