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When we look at what we have to fill definitely got to cut this budget we have to live within our means and i know that the scary thing for a lot of folks to live within our means but it's something we're all going to have to tighten our belts on and when we talk about it i look again at look at the mat su burrow and tom kudos to the borough mayor vern halter who took up budget from the school district it said no we're not going to add to this you guys need to go back to the drawing board and you need to make a smaller budget because we're just not going to add on the backs of taxpayers so a good on him that he pushed it back and said you know all of us are going to have to start looking at our budgets and spending less our people cannot afford it and again back to that trickledown effect in its trickling down if we don't pay for it on a state level you can bet on a barrel level were going after so folks you need to get involved pay attention in i over busy fishing and doing those kind of things looking out to go camping but you know now more than ever timed wake up work in second and third job jemaine fishing what's that you know when gathers in the studio today perimeter bosque who is out on them anchorage municipal assembly meeting you wanna give us a ring a three five seven fifty eight sixty eight we'll be right back.

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