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Capping James Cole leased the other downtown attacker has still not been found if you are on the highways in for it contains are improving we'll get to that in a moment first chief meteorologist Tom Terry is back with the full five day work week forecast is brought to you by U. S. heating and air conditioning Tom Tony we can't seem to decide what season it is the warm fronts in cold fronts keep banding back and forth like a tennis match across central Florida right now warm fronts passing north you can certainly feel the humidity this move back in across central Florida after a relatively cool weekend in the morning at least hello tonight near seventy scattered showers moving north along that warm front which would be to our north better chance for the northern zones on Tuesday on a forty percent rain chance overall height eighty seven then we stay relatively quiet weather wise with highs in the mid eighties Wednesday Thursday our next front gets here Friday this one will bring some cooler weather down again for the upcoming weekend the extent of five day forecast scattered storms on Friday afternoon and evening and then we get to the weekend with highs in the seventies and a slight chance for showers early Saturday overall a nice weekend the extent of five day forecast for times an hour I'm Tom Terry I'll see you tonight at eleven any of the rain that we did have in the Orlando metro has pushed well to the east now the only rain I see on interactive radar is pretty much along I ninety five on the coast we have seventy four downtown Orlando seventy five your news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. and now you're safe touch security no red alert triple team traffic yeah finally they could that crash of the four seventeen south bound before seventeen ninety two so you're right overall is improving east slowdowns on I four John Young to I've been into downtown.

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