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The Wildcats, Dave Bennett and his partner, 10, Albrecht. 79th meeting between the northwestern Wildcats of the Ohio State Buckeyes. They're meeting for the third straight year and the second time in three years for the Big 10 championship. Ohio State won last year's meeting in Evanston, 52. To 3. After winning the 2018 championship game here, 45 24. The Buckeyes won eight in a row in the Syriza, says the Wildcats. 33 27 Overtime win at Ryan Field in 2004 and overall, Ohio State is 63 14 and one In the Syriza. They're not scheduled to play again until November. 5th 2022 at Ryan Field, Everybody David it 10 Albrecht. Adam Hogue is on the sidelines here it Lucas Oil Stadium in the dome. The starting lineups air powered by Constellation to learn more visit constellation com slash energy Constellation preferred energy provider for Northwestern university athletics Well The Ohio State line up is certainly going to be different than the one we expected to see because 22 players on their roster are out today. 22 players unavailable, including their leading receiver, Chris a Lobby. There are other wide receivers Garrett Wilson, their second leading receiver, and their leader and receiving yardage, a sophomore from Austin, Texas. 34 catches five touchdowns on the year. The other wide receivers Julian Fleming, A freshman from Pennsylvania with three catches on the season. Jameson Williams, a sophomore from ST Louis, five catches 78 yards, They will deploy three tight ends Luke Farrell. Senior from Perry, Ohio, three catches on the year. Jeremy Rocker there. Number three receiver, a junior from Lindenhurst, New York, nine catches on the year three for touchdowns. Jake Houseman also will play tight and they will throw their Running back, said Trey Servant has five catches Master T. The third has just three take their leader Groceries, a redshirt sophomore from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. With 426 yards rushing averages. 85 yards a game on the ground servant is a grad transfer from Oklahoma 344 yards so far this season third team running back steel chambers out of this game and quarterback Justin Fields. The quarterback of the year of the Big 10, the offensive player of the Year, a junior from Kennesaw, Georgia, who has compiled a record of 18 and one as a starting quarterback for the Buckeyes. He leads the conference in passing efficiency in his second in the nation, he leads the nation in completion percentage at 78%. He averages 281 yards a game, a total offense 329 yards game in total offense that leads the big 10 into seventh nationally. The offensive line is intact for the game today. As far as we know. Josh Meyers Co captain etcetera Junior. The left guard Harry Miller. Assault bore the right guard The offensive linemen of the year in the conference. Why it Davis Jr from Bellflower, California, making his 21st straight start right tackle Nicholas Petit Freyre, the left tackle their Munford, a senior from Cincinnati, both Mumford and Myers missed their last game against Michigan State two weeks ago. The Wildcats are lead defensively by their linebacking corps. Patty Fisher, their middle linebacker. And will linebacker Blake Gallagher tied for the team lead in tackles with 65 5th in the big 10 Patty now seven tackles away from moving in to the 6th 7th spot, I should say not the sixth spot. In a career tackles at Northwestern. He's the leading active tackler and NC double A football Chris Bergen, the Sam linebacker of the defense of line has Tom Awa at a bar A and Ernest Brown, the fourth at the ends of Jake Saunders is back today. He missed the Illinois game. Hey, had started 12 straight prior to that Echo Liotta started last week. Is the Wildcats sack leader Jo Speed back plays the other defensive tackle spot the corners. Greg Newsome, the second on one side first team, all Big 10, the other corner Cameron Ruiz, although AJ Hamptons started last week. The free safety Brandon Joseph, the first team all Big 10 performer and the Big 10, freshman of the Year. A redshirt freshman from college Station, Texas. He leads the nation with five interceptions on the season at the other safety spot Jr pace. Senior from college Park, Georgia. The Wildcats fifth leading tackler. Cats are lead offensively by quarterback Peyton Ramsey, a grad transfer from Cincinnati, playing in his 39th game today and making his 31st start. Peyton this year is completed 59% of his passes for better than 1200 yards, nine touchdowns, six interceptions of the starting running back for the Wildcats of the Camp Porter of freshman from Cincinnati. Rubble for 142 yards and two touchdowns last week against the Ilana. He'll be backed up by sophomore Evan Hall ran for a team high 149 yards against Illinois last week. Isaiah Bowser Drake Anderson, the other running backs for the Wildcats, the leading receivers remind jockey Oh Bowman and Kyra HKMA Gallon. Each with 30 catches on the year Ramada Jackie O. Bowman RCB as he's known, honorable mention all Big 10 performer. The tight ends John Rain and Charlie Man, Jerry The offensive line centered by Sam Jerrick of the tackles Peter Score out Ski. The true freshman from Maine South second team All Big 10, the right tackle Gutter. Vogel, the left guard Ted's pregame guest. Nick Urban Co captain, making his 23rd start. Ethan Whitaker came back from an absence of the Michigan State game He played last week against Illinois. He'll make his 10th start. Here today. Defensively, the Buckeyes will be without linebacker Barron Browning, their second leading tackler. He is out of this game..

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