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Mean you and you could call anything in the world. Championships to the octopus know that they were playing for the title. Yes I'm going to say it's happened. Yeah that is. Right you don't know that there had it hasn't happened yet. They only stopped doing them in the sixties, but apparently they've. They've been on record doing them for like twenty years on the West, coast people would walk into the ocean unlike restless, many occupy they. Chad. And then whoever gets the most of them ends up winning the championship a little bit like it sounds like okay. But I guess because octopus are the more likely creatures like put up. A fight is like sort of more of a competitive and we want to come out against this before this. Right as a podcast here. No, I think we want to be against. Doctor does wrestling to skip that on the record we are against. Go I feel like in a world sports significantly needed like do not turn to this people they let's bring back this or bear baiting, or like any inches, sports rituals a pass just because we can't do the regular. For all future episodes of the BNP till like when you when you open up the podcast. Mike Bloom I'm GonNa Boris, and we are the podcast formerly against octopus wrestling. Panel whereas on it is against doctor should be the first question when you come on, and if they answer wrong, that's it. They're out. There analyst. Instead of starting with what's your history with survivor? Are you opposed to octopus wrestling? Because it's going to be what if I ever go out onto? Said again for survivor. Survivor ever comes back to be the first question I asked any. Freezer contestant. Okay, good Yeah, because any sport that was stopped in the sixties, probably should never be brought back. Point in points Liana which of the following sea creatures are not feminists. California Cohen. The blue ringed octopus. OCTOPUSES Portuguese man of war or Barracuda. What was the first one? California. California cone. AOL. Okay..

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