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Asked her to describe the alleged incident after she said, she threw a Toyota younger sister and her father rushed into the bedroom. Great year. Two. In. Defense. Attorney Margarita Martinez. Bailey will continue her questioning this afternoon to people continue to recover from injuries after several vehicles catch fire in central Fresno. Fresno, fire crews recall to an area near hedges an F E just after eight pm Sunday there, Fresno fire found several mobile homes and nearly a dozen vehicles all engulfed in. Flames refers thrive it was just a challenge. Due to the large volume of fire with the cars RV's on fire, but it was an exterior type fire in debris. So crews were able to get knocked down pretty quick, Fresno. Fire battalion chief Brad Driscoll and to people living near the area suffered minor burns to their hands and neck while trying to rescue a few dogs that were living in the lot where the blaze began the cause of this fire. Meantime remains under investigation, Matt's dot k m j news California apricots coming soon to a market near you came J director. Dan York tells us more in the egg noon report just weeks away from the first Cal. -fornia grown apricots bean harvest it according to fresh plaza dot com. Jeff Simonian of Simonian fruit company and Fowler says the season is about a week behind normal because of cooler temperatures and heavy rain in early spring, but Simonian is upbeat things. This year's crop will be a pretty good one both in quality in an Yael Aprecu are considered one of the last niche crops grown as part of the stone. Fruit offerings in the valley. This report is sponsored by we create chemistry. John york. KM J news. There is a new Royal baby in the UK. This is the first American Royal baby may well be prince as well a waiting on titles. They'll be announced in the coming days as soon as the duchess a Sussex have convinces to a name on it. We understand. We went the images either for a couple of days because that us come out on Wednesday. That's max foster there at Windsor Castle. Over to Wall Street where the Dow is down fifty nine points at twenty six four forty. I five it's twelve or.

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