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It's really speaks to this this universal condition after i feel it's sort of just like a mega version of what wolf would find with us yeah yeah and we'll we'll get into this more later but it's just like you know you could imagine if that if if that will story came out about you the advice it everybody be giving you is a continent it's too it'll it'll all the over tomorrow and a couple of days just just let it lie there's nothing here and uh and you know one would hope that you'd be the you would take that advice but the human condition makes it a really difficult yes we would all be donald trump if confronted by such a story this is the press box on the rear podcasts network the press box is the media podcasts we are not allowed to use the phrase she'll all your darlings we are brian curtis david shoemaker the rigor david and sunny hollywood and brian and sunny melbourne australia how are you david it's actually raining today of all days is the first time hopes visiting them for simon ringer podcasts history it's actually rating outside budgets did this the kind of standard bs open southern california but more importantly how is australia it's a fantastic so far um i love it it's it's so it's like parrello version of the us you know so there's not really to the to the point of you know not only obviously do does everyone speaks same language in are kind of interested in some the similar things that i have to walk two blocks from my house to go to a seven eleven oh wow so you know metronews really a lot of a lot of cultural exploration on that but american agreed time on today's five david three stories first what was michael wolff fall author of the new book fire and fury doing in the white house then we'll talk about how espn's make story about the patriots was scooped before it even came out and finally the oddest feud in sports writing rick carlisle versus espn verses lavarra ball metal be fun but topic number one david let's call be wolf of pennsylvania avenue michael wolff published a book fire and fury full of amazing stories about the trump administrate.

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