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Welcome back America to Hewitt. Thank you for joining me on this Monday after the long weekend, people are getting back in their cars going to work. It's Tuesday after the long weekends it hits me to Mike Allen, though, adjusted. Normally we do Mondays with Mike. We're doing Tuesdays with Mike because he got the day off, as well, actually AM's. Mike. Allen daily puts out a top ten. Good morning, Mike. How are you? How was your Memorial Day weekend tactic, you, not as good as my mother's day where organ with other, but we had a great weekend here and earlier in the week. Milwaukee Bucks raptors. Yup. Excellent game. Excellent came. I'm afraid the Golden State Warriors are gonna win it all again. But nevertheless, an excellent game Mike your lead pizza today, actually say about the president's plan issue an executive order on the transparency of health care prices. It's been more than forty years since the supreme court ruled in a case involving it's called Virginia state pharmacy board versus Virginia citizens. Consumer Council that Virginia could mandate, the posting of prices of prescription drugs, arguing in that case, and it was I only Rehnquist dissented, arguing that was important for people to know the prices of things and one judge said, commercials speech is more important to most Americans than political speech. I love the fact he's doing this, but you point out there to side. So this story explained for us. The Wall Street Journal. The new president plan executive order, which will make hospital doctors review, their prices, the ideas that you and I can shop around this is part of the conservative approach to healthcare, making it more of a market giving the consumer choice Acura Caitlyn daily newsletter. Vitals point out that there is a catch and ball, doctors and hospitals know what others are paying what they're getting that could cause them to raise their prices. Complicated. How crazy is recall, one expert, here who says, no one? Everyone is getting can often price is the floor not feeling negotiation. Per step. It doesn't lower healthcare, but it does increase transparency in the market does make. No more or paying for what we're getting. Everyone's experience drives their reaction this. I remember Mike Allen in Warren, Ohio. They were four gas stations on four corners. When I first got the drive in the seventies, and those four gas stations would periodically engage in a price for and that was as it was thirty five cents a gallon, twenty eight cents a gallon, twenty five cents a gallon. And then you would just drive the price competition determined where I bought my guess, because gases CASAs gas, I think the same thing applies not so much high-end surgery, I'm still gonna have Ben Rubin. Do my shoulder rotator cuff surgery. But I think on things like drugs, it will help would you pay attention to prices? Sure. And one more thing, the Caitlyn doesn't help in the -mergency situation where a you're not gonna care find out that the you may not have a choice. But here's one more piece of news, the what's next in the Wall Street Journal. The administration's also look at using the Justice department to tackle regional monopolies of hospitals and health insurance plan over concerns. They're driving up the cost of care that is in some communities metro around America. It is. But actually says the best healthcare coverage that has got to say, you've got a great team on healthcare, Mike, very disturbing story, which is your second story Germany's top official responsible for effort against anti-semitism suggested this weekend that German Jews should not wear their skullcaps everywhere in public that is on it fide by that I'm stunned. What, what was your? Action that story. Of course, I made it number two in the top ten even though the New York Times inside the paper because this is a sign of our times. And of course, the reason it matters the why it matters connected by data. Around the world about a rise in antisemitism. An undeniable rise in the tax on Jews and the little, we have here, the German newspaper, Bild, which is like their New York Post. Here's a fun fact for you. This is a crazy pack build emphasis, on sports, and entertainment, build. Years ago, who knows in the newspaper years ago when? Was talking to actual Springer build was the largest circulation newspaper in the world. That wasn't in Asia. So there's ma'am, these papers Japan Asia. Billed as the largest newspaper the world. But anyway, they're from page. They cut out of. Tap on the front page yesterday and said, we're this country's Jewish community. Oh, that's good for Bill. I just I think stunning do not go backward. You, you enforce the law against people commit violence in the name of anti-semitism last question for you, Mike. I'm getting a lot of reaction from the audience Maureen Dowd that are typical great column in terms of being a provocateur in it is this line. I'd like Mike Allen take on what this means journalists must not becoming your child Trump's outlandish transgressive behavior. Mitch McConnell attorney general bar and almost everyone else in the GOP have made themselves. Numb to Trump's abhorrent actions because of self interest. But do you think that means? Headliner McCall crazy is as crazy. Be clear to your readers. This is in the opinion pages. And she, I think there's a time when she had it more playful relationship with Donald for sure. That's long gone by the wayside. And so I find nothing surprising about that. Her last line is wearing not what he missed petulant man whereas all out. So what I focused on is that almost everyone else in the GOP of made themselves numb to support actions because of self interest that, meaning that the vast majority of Republicans have one caller said sold their soul are evil have become craven and corrupt. In other words, she's now swinging the hammer, not just Donald Trump, but everyone who doesn't announce him that's a bridge further than any bridge. I've seen a comb go before and. I've been having an interesting back and forth with my editor at the Washington Post about calling around on that because I don't think that's true. I think a lot of Republicans support Donald Trump for policy reasons, not because of self interest. There's some of those for sure you're spending more and more time in this and you will know there's some. Yes, there are there, some of both. But I she's the one that said, almost all of them in nine going to go back to the phones, and see what I'm testing, what conservatives think of that line because I think it, it grates great greatly on people from the center, right? Mike Allen of axios dot com. Thank you, my friend great axios, AM sign up for that today. Let me go back to the post and talk to people about what this means. Let's talk to Pab and Delaware. Good morning, Pam. What do you think pouring down means when she says, McConnell bar, and almost everyone else, including people named Pam in Delaware have made themselves numb to port actions because of self interest? So basically accusing. Exactly, what Democrats when they didn't like Bill Clinton's personal behavior, but they approved his policies. Oh, you're right. Yes, but, but do think that, that she accused the Clinton supporters of being craven were acting out of self interest, when they supported Bill Clinton? Of course not. That's so double standard double standard all the way. Well said Pam. Thank you. Dave Geneva, Florida, what do you think about this? The Democrats are the king projection, if you wanna know what they're up to project what she said, Maureen down is exactly what the Democrats are guilty of they're all about themselves money and talent. So what is she saying though about the GOP? About you. I mean, do you take that personally trying to say that we're the ones that are all about self interest and everything? But it's really the Democrats who are the ones that all of the self interest, they are all about money, power control. I that you talking about the Democrats focusing on what she said about Republicans. Do you think she's saying it specifically about you? It's basically the same thing that Hillary said when she called everybody deplorable that. Hey, man. That's what I was looking for. But I didn't want to lead the witness. Thank you. Dave dawn. In Prescott Arizona, what is Maureen Dowd saying when she writes, Mitch McConnell bar and almost everyone else in the GOP of made themselves numb to abort actions because of self interest. I want to what your first caller, France. I think. Two one. Gangster president, and she's saying that public cooperating with against her and such because of their self-interest. Does that make us gangsters? Yep. So it's really quite a sweeping statement, isn't it? Yes. Let's say makes us toadies forget toadies for gangsters. All right. Well said, thank you, my friend on in Prescott. Arizona one eight hundred five zero one two three four. It hit me, like a brick, I'm reading, you know, I'm used to be not liking Trump. That's what political calmest do they like jumper. They don't like Trump. I myself don't attack rank and file Democrats out in the middle of the country are in big cities or wherever on the basis of the actions of their leaders, I believe that people can say, well, I like this. I don't like that. I support this. I don't support that what she's trying to say is there is no good reason to support Trump. Jim in Atlanta, Georgia. What do you think Jim? Hey, who I think are your overcomplicating this? We want reform healthcare, throwing Graham over the class, if we want to stick up for, for the traditional definition of marriage. This is just the same thing that they always take any policy interests is a self interest, because you believe in that and they're going to take it to the fire extreme. But, but what does she think personally about the morality of people who support Trump? I Trump or not Trump, we've been attacked at our morality. Always just it's only gone to the next level with trout, but with or without Trump values are always be immoral. That's true. But, but I don't ever see it this blatant. I don't think agreed. Agreed. Remember the last election? Just pick up the supporters gonna try to be shamed into being shameful and not showing up at the polls. All right. Thank you, my friend. One eight hundred five two one two three four here for more people about this. I think that buried in the middle of the column. So people can't see. It is slipped in a condemnation, from a moral point of view of anyone who supports Trump for any reason. That's what's going to ratcheting up. It's a completely devastating ratcheting up of your character. Now, I want to ratchet up your attention to relief, factor dot com..

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