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A while even even that mom with the kids. Anyway cheerlead again anyways take Dona Varo anyway but even with that kid committing murders. We have we. Have we have videotape. Whole chat yeah? Even the mom was like I still don't think he did it. Oh that's another. She defends him amazing thing about women. They're the most down ass bitches and their love is so fucking what is it called. Unwavering on wavering. There's a word for it. What does it faithful? Your mother's love is unconditional unconditional. A father's love is conditional you think yes hundred percent really hundreds of DADS would only. He's only loves you because you're successful. I think if I was cutting up human beings my dad be like hey chill fill it out. Yeah agree stop. But mom's down mom is what did that person do what to do. My baby to Piss him off and think about got it and I looked at. I noticed this with jail shows right. About how amazing women's love is if you're watching those jail shows I watch all girl one zero one. Six Days in sixteen doesn't awesome and no six days isn't isn't enough. I'm talking about like longer term. Sure what do you got my point is. How often do you see their boyfriends husbands? visit them because once you commit a crime you're single you're single is great. It's conditional our love right. If you decide to murder someone and go to jail you broke up with me. You made that decision right now. These girls not only will they stay with their mom while they're in jail for murdering tons of people. They'll meet a guy in jail. Sometimes sometimes they faithful. It's unbelievable unbelievable. It's insane mind Boggling Hernandez Goren son. He killed her sister's boyfriend's and then she sounds like wow. I don't know what the fuck shit he was talking. More women need to be like that. Excuse me example of women. She's an example of a ride or die strong woman to one hundred dude hop out from got rid of the murder weapon being halls. or He's I care Yo. The thing is over there and then they got this bitch on video. Shrug is logging lugging to our nose in the garbage knows Oh is it. I forget I don't know some kid cats in their dude so I'm telling you there is a different type of love man. It's a different different type of commitment different type of love and it's his thing you'll hear girl snitching another girls either feel like dudes are quick to senate. Here's the thing. Girls will snitch. What if your eyebrows are fake eyelashes bachelor girl or their hair? SNITCHING EXTENSION DEMO reel. Yeah you know honestly one of the most fun things to do with your girlfriend or your wife have a girl I do it. Yeah any girl. I know who's had tons of work done fake tits are all that that Kinda Shit. I love that show. I act like they're real in front of my girl. Hilarious gets my girls all natural all natural makeup. She completely put the really reduce adducing up real in the street clothes. I tell my girl I tell me all the time and I'm like yeah I think Kylie's lips are fake and my girl will bring up fucking images of her at like thirteen to now needed he. What's so tight is so t j Lebron their sports sports? Yeah it really is so yeah there. There's a different type of fucking love but they don't think they'll snitch on us. I think they'll snitch on. I think they'll snitch on other women. I do think they will. I don't think they have that other women. There caddy bro female comets. That's true really. Don't fuck I do. And they've already chess on this thing. We talk about because they front. They're like we need to support women comedy and you're like who you support. We need support. Women comedy comedy like all these girls talk about. We need to women comedy and you bring up a girl who's killing it like Ali Wong and they're gonNA talk some shit. Where's this weeds more shit? Yeah the motion dudes Markor..

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