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American level winner you up and will not tolerate a little bit of his time for winner. And loser of the we have adopted a cat named her Emily Dickinson damn. Damn her Emily Dickinson. This is a really new news. The show was announced about a year ago. But apple just had. It's what is apple thing? Be plus terrible. But what is there the whole thing? If that wasn't it wasn't a part of a larger apple announcement is just for apple TV. Plus, I don't know what you're saying scrap. I know no, I thought it was I I know apple has been which you can get these TV show is called apple TV. Plus, okay. I thought it was part of like Apple's annual. Here's all our hardware that we're no it was all just about. All this bullshit stuff. That's not hardware. I will get to because it was really stupid thing anyways. Okay. Well, apple TV plus is Apple's net flicks. Basically. And so they had an announcement this week that's all of their new shows and one of them is about Emily Dickinson. If so that's really the only news let you excuse to play that thirty co it It was. was also a eight it's yeah. It's a comedy. It's from Elena Smith who is a playwright and also formerly we wrote on the news room and was like one of the people that got into it with Aaron Sorkin about the terrible campus, rape plotline. So she's behind this. And she's great. I follow her on Twitter, you should too at internet Alina. But yeah, this is this is one of the many offerings that apple is going to be putting on their service, which is available for question Mark dollars. That was not part of the announcement. Cool we've gone from cable being the terrible aggregate or to the internet being the terrible aggregate or another. We have twelve streaming services. You know that you have quality shows spread around on. This service really sells like as stinks fill the scuttle button. All this is that apple is sort of trying to have their cake and eat it too. All the shows that they're hiring big talent..

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