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They're bringing in from the past that I could do, And that's more of a psychic, intuitive ability. Not necessarily saying you were Cleopatra, Julius Caesar in another life. That you can kind of get a sense of whether people had a well to do lives or struggles and so on. And you could look at some of that in the chart. All right, we're gonna come back in just a moment and take final phone calls with Mark Lerner. Right here on coast to coast. Stay out. Hey, news on the hour on the hands and when it breaks I'm Bill Seward From the 24 hour. Ko Phi newsroom funeral homes in California are struggling to keep up with the number of people dying from covert 19 for the California there were creatures vehicles in some hospital parking lot. There are fuel homes that have brought on additional capacity over and above what they added in the summer, and they're still being overwhelmed. German runs the California Funeral Directors Association, he says. No one expected what is happening. Ackerman says Funeral homes should stay vigilant in safeguarding staff because those frontline workers are licensed trained professionals who cannot easily be replaced..

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