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And I remember my own as a defining myself and I define myself as tight as unreliable but that day I recognized and said I'm sorry this will never happen again. I will go to the credentialing not spent more hours. But in those hours be excellent and I had this this weakening and from there on my career took off after he got promoted. You decide to stay in the. Us It so happened. I heard that Cornell gives some courses and so I took a summer course enduring location and Kenya realization. If I would do the Knicks seven years during my occasion courses at Cornell. I could more or less finish hotel. Studies didn't just want to serve at hotels. The lead in the industry so at Twenty eight years old horse spent his summer vacations at school to Study Hotel Management. Meanwhile he was working fulltime and food and beverage. Fm be getting more promotions and more responsibilities horse to move to Chicago where he became the catering manager at the Hilton and got promoted to assistant director then offered at him be director when he moved to Cincinnati to overlook to Hilton Hotels. Let's take a break and when we come back we'll hear where forced went when he got a degree in hotel management. I wanted to take this break to talk about something I realized on the show. The average age of my interview guests so far are about sixty five years old and they didn't grow up with an easy life but we're honestly in different times. Life has improved and the hard work of our parents may have in fact pave the way for us to play harder. We all mess her kids up in various ways either air side of wanting them to be good or the side of wanting to be happy even meaning parents. It's really easy to be insulated. Who's controlling it? Still influence incurred greatly early this year. Bloomberg wrote about how Super Rich Americans are getting younger. The study suggests that this might have to do with a vast transfer of wealth to the younger generation. We have millennials inheriting huge amounts of money. Who often don't know what to do about it. I finally came to a place where I understood that my family wealth and my position won't change and it will be a part of my life for the rest of my life tools that I was given sufficient enough especially with larger marketing capacity. That I'M GONNA have to come into one day. These kids joint venture a nonprofit program which helps young inheritors in their twenties and thirties. Navigate the complexities of wealth. It's tough because they didn't get asked to be in their positions but they're making the most out of it by getting some guidance. Everybody is there to give you comfortable shop in the right direction. Alcohol the shove. Because that's what it is but you feel like you're in a safe area will matt occurs if you don't feel like you belong to your family of wealth because you WANNA hide your ashamed of it. That was me. If you're asking the question this in more in this life there has to be this program Stereo Islam if you or someone you know wants help to think about what they can actually do with their wealth checkout core venture you can find out more about it on our website welcome back. Horst is now. Fm BE DIRECTOR IN CINCINNATI. I stayed there for a year in Cincinnati and it had an offer to come as food and beverage track that was Chicago in the number Hyatt Hotel during that time. Did you remember what your face was like where you going to Church? I no no I was too busy. I tell you I was very good and bring some ninety one four ahead problem and as soon as it was gone I sheltered again at Director Level Horst started getting head hunted and when he was thirty four he got an offer from the height group and by the time he finished his degree at Cornell. He proved himself to be a top performer as an FBI director. So much so that he didn't expect with the high it was going to offer him next went to Chicago. I and wrote us a foot in Barrington limit over here. They want to promote me. The channel miniature manager. That's high up. Everybody dances on the on the table and they can promote general manager. I didn't accept it. And he called from San Francisco. Our headquarters was in San Francisco and a time to know. Are you leaving the company? No and he said. Wha what's the matter I said I want to be rooms minister. I of course Allen but my own promise I will create excellence. I go to excellence. I didn't think I could be a great general manager on create excellent tournament since I had never worked rooms. That's a that's right. And so he said it doesn't mean that we keep you create rooms minister help you. I said I don't care. And he actually flew to Chicago to talk to him. You saw that would leave the company as it. Let Me Work. As Roma's mentioned for a year. And after that give me the Gerster telling the company Horst says. He only emphasized working at the worst Hyatt Hotel because the president emphasized how they were offering him to be GM at the finest hotel in the company where they felt he would be a good fit but still hort still didn't feel he was ready to be an excellent GM without any experience and rooms. Banishment and horse was convinced. If he got that experience he would really be ready to be the best. Gm at any location even the worst hotel in the company so the president relented and gave him that room stroll and after year Horst was promoted to GM and then a year in as general manager. I got a call from the president and then a year later he called me and said remember what you said years ago and said Yeah I know I wanna be room sky and you did it thank you. He said No. No no you said you want to have to tell into company we got. You can move to Pittsburgh. Why was it the worst hotel and was a dilapidated hotel particularly with a very militaristic union and Pittsburgh was known for that occupancy West below thirty percent it was disaster it was a disarmed several tell Howard Johnson would target Schmidt took over with higher took over and the nineteen seventy s life generally improved in the US travel became more frequent and hospitality was booming. Major hotel chains like Hyatt. Were buying up old hotels. That had low occupancies renovating and turning them around so it wouldn't be an easy task for the general manager to not only manage the hotel operations and its employees but to also bring in a culture of change and improvement on top of that. Pittsburgh had another challenge. I was warned before I got to have from Genesis and other companies. All crying out loud. Don't go to Pittsburgh. This is the worst. Nobody can do a good job. Because there's a military union. Dan In fact the first day I was there. The Union boss came in mid five off his lieutenants. Game a sitting in a circle around me with union boss share in the middle of his back turned against me. A finally said to one of those guys ask him if he ever saw a car blown up and has had well known any turned around how. Fei and share and said amendment..

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