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The the improvement in powerlifting has been crazy the the amount of weight people are moving has just been absurd and then also to see in the animal cage i think it was done conventional but i think dan green dead lifted nine hundred conventional would no belt with no belt but maybe maybe maybe had strategy associates straps there's a couple of people that like all yet straps that's it's okay so he twenty pounds i mean what dan greens coming off office some like vicious injuries he's in the lousy in the last couple of years he's kind of seemed like he's been coming back thank got injured coming back got injured you remember he he for a while was just on a tear he was breaking every resident was i believe to twenty to forty to sixty five right here she l think this is this year though yeah he's known for a sumo dead and he's you know dan has huge huge legs huge lower body which obviously helps them quite a bit in the squat in the dead lift but he he's a strong all around the guys you know been breaking records for a long time i i would love to see him come back and hit the platform you know powerlifting needs it needs more people to continue to push a sport and when you have people that are jacked like that i think it helps a lot to like somebody like larry wheels is like that kid came out of nowhere member that do you remember early on when larry wheels was lifting with stan and they both dead lifted like seven hundred for a record two yeah it was like forever ago and now it was at a what eight something or i think he did nine hundred also maybe maybe in training but he's benching over six hundred i think he bench says if and he's like twenty three if i recall or something around there so that's pretty huge that's a pretty big jump he looks a lot like yourself i mean very similar conceptualize similar small ways.

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