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Hi, I'm Chris Kepler and welcome to does this happen to you. I'm an actor voice. Actor audiobook, narrator and writer. I love telling and sharing stories about the strange experiences my friends, and I have while doing mundane things like grocery shopping. That's why this podcast features funny stories from fantastic writers about our daily anomalies a micro audio book about life in befuddle, befuddling just for you. Our story today is by Jillian Sisli who you'll find on medium dot com. And here is I didn't want this rescue dog. Now he eats, my food and hides my socks. He was unwanted by the world. We took him in to give him the life, he deserved dogs are wonderful creatures. I've had a dog in my life ever since I was born other than the few months of mourning between the passing of one pet to the welcoming of another. And what's not to love for one dogs make for great vacuums. Oops, did I just drop a carrot sliver? No bother here comes the living Hoover to zoom in and out like a well-paid unseen made. I've been talking to myself quite a lot today. Is there something wrong with me? That's not a problem. I'll just direct my dialogue to this. Fluffy. Lump napping by my desk, and feel better about myself. It's been awhile since I've been to the gym. Oh, wait. But I have walked. Doug everyday for the last week. So that's okay. I don't feel as bad for being a suburban hermit writer. See dogs come in handy, there, plenty of upsides, and while the white fluffy furball lying next to my desk is now like a child to me. I didn't ask for him. I didn't even want him my partner, and I weren't ready for a dog we had plans to travel for a year down the road, and the logistic side of having a dog was simply too difficult. We quite responsibly so contained our dog fever, like having baby fever, but for dogs and continued forward with life, one day soon, we would say soon would come much sooner than we anticipated. We saw the beginning of the end from the very beginning, when my fiance's family member, originally told us, she was getting a dog. We both told her it was a bad idea. We told her that she. I had no clue. How much work it would take. We told her she wasn't prepared for the commitment because we knew her. And we knew the dog was just going to be a living thing to curb her loneliness until another man came along to shower her with affection. We begged her to give it twelve months to consider, whether she was ready for fifteen plus year commitment of taking care of another living thing that said, we weren't it also prized win, only a few weeks later and eight week old sheet sue was snuggled into her side, like a childhood stuffed animal. He was named Berkeley. It was even less of a surprise, when this family member started a new relationship less than a year later and began to resent, her furry little friend, what a nuisance that he had to be fed and bathed and needed new P pads put out for him every single day because she refused to take him out. Outside multiple times a day to go to the bathroom. Particularly not in the wintertime when it was just too cold and walking him. Well to be honest that didn't happen all that much, if she wanted to sleep over at her boyfriend's place. Well, my fiance got a call to drop by and feed the dog if she was headed out of the province to spend a weekend with her boyfriend guests who got the call. Yeah. I'm sure you see where this is going. The family member decided she's going to move a few provinces away to be with her boyfriend fulltime. She makes a joke of gifting us the dog as an engagement gift were not laughing. We can't afford a dog right now. We can barely afford our mortgage. My fiance tells her firmly you're taking him with you, when you move right? Oh, yes. Of course I can't imagine leaving him behind. I prophesized to my fiance, an hour later in. By saying you just wait. She's going to dump that damn dog on us. No, he began brushing the off. She wouldn't do that a week later won a call with her, she's on speakerphone when she says that they found a new apartment to live in together for her and her boyfriend. I look at my fiance with panicked is he doesn't understand why I start, frankly pointing at the cell phone and flailing, my arms, like a lunatic, so that I could prepare him for the atomic bomb. I knew she was about to drop on us. He still doesn't understand what I'm trying to communicate in time to prepare himself his fault. I kill it at trades, every party, we go to. She takes breath and tries to deliver the news rather. Flippantly only problem is the apartment isn't pet friendly. My fiance looks at me. I nod knowingly like a wise, Jedi, I tried to tell him after all. I could hear this coming from a mile away, he clears his throat. But then what are you going to do with the dog? She seems distracted as she's talking to us as, if she's not discussing the uncertain future of a precious creature, but rather what she's playing to have for dinner that night. I don't know probably just post an ad for him on could G G Craig's list, or something. A dog is a massive responsibility. One should not take on lightly. We knew we couldn't afford to take in a dog. Not with my fiance's uncertain employment relatives at the time, not with a mortgage and wedding to save up for a car payment to worry about. We couldn't afford to take him, but we did anyway, because at the end of the day, that's the kind of people we are we knew we would regret not taking him in. We would be ridden with guilt, if we never knew what came of him, we couldn't stomach the thought of him being sold to some strangers on the internet. He hadn't done anything wrong. He didn't deserve to be abandoned the trauma of being tossed aside. Mayan owner would already take such a toll on him. At least the damage could be petted, if he landed on the doorstep of someone familiar, he deserves the chance to have a high quality life, every dog cat. At pet or otherwise does. And so for these last eight months, I've been mom to a high maintenance, sheet soon named Berkeley with his massive under bite and his dopey face. And so life goes on taking in this dog wasn't sunshine and rainbows quite the opposite here. Rive to us with massive behavioral issues and an absolute lack of socialization. I saw plenty of psychological trauma, in him a combination of being abandoned, and as well being cooped up in that two bedroom condo for the entire first year and a half of his life. It's been a lot of work and money to get him to a place where he can function in the world without being a danger to it for a few months after he arrived. I resented my fiance's family member for dropping her on one creature on our doorstep. Then one day, it just became the way it was we accepted it. He. Came family to us when that family member comes to visit, she still refers to herself, as Berkeley's mom my fake smile twitches, when she says this as I resist the urge to tell her that she lost the right to call herself his mama, when she completely abandoned him the other day that same family member was telling us how incredibly happy, she is with her boyfriend. They're still together and that's a big deal. It's true. We can see it. We've never seen her this happy were sincerely, please. She's found this joiner life. We're ready to start our life together and settled down. We nod showing our support of this endeavor. We've even talked about getting a dog someday. My partner and I glanced briefly at each other, we looked back at her utter. Silence hangs in the air, I remain quiet saying silent per and hoping that day never comes because we definitely can't afford to. Support two dogs on our current income. Thanks so much for listening. If you enjoyed the story, let me know and share it with your friends. Follow me at Kris. K K aria on Twitter or Kris K Kepler on Facebook or check out my website, WWW dot Chris, Kepler dot com..

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