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Or Jason? Horrible. My memory. Now I have the most difficult question of all good you may or may not have heard that we consider ourselves to be the sexiest Barnard on the internet. Also the most inclusive and as with pointed out to maybe other day the only or nerd on the internet, but that's okay. We're willing. I know barnyard well, you know, Brown and Brown cow that started the show, and then we're that come from honestly way back. When you know when you heard Bill porn, it was Brown Brown cow, and we're sex body gender, positive show. And I will never say that again, I promise y'all. Anyhow, that's where the branch in the brow cow came from and they sorta became mascots and we realized early on that people are more comfortable describing themselves animal. Then as a person. Times, and they'll express vulnerability and sort of a, it's sort of great equalizer. So all of our team here start saying, well, I'm really this. I'm really this. And so we started asking everybody else and we have a crazy weird barnyard we ever traditional, you know, chickens and cows and dogs, and cats and things like that. But we also have badgers and shape Shifter's and dragons, and unicorns mermaids and pigs, and all these other things. We're very inclusive. Yeah, it's good. So what animal would you be in our barnyard and why? Oh, oh, that's a great question. I go. Because probably probably because I'm stubborn and I like to climb on things. I'd be obnoxious goat the climbing to the top of shit. Listen jumping in the trees. Do we have to worry about you chewing on people's pockets and things? Oh, probably just g I figured I'd ask. Yeah. 'cause you know, go to a Torius for everything. Goats are not really very good about consensus act. They're really terrible it consent. They don't give a flip what you think he's going to do what they do. Well, there's a certain irony of our oil consent perks of being a goat. I don't know. That's wonderful. All right. Do you any final thoughts or take away messages you like our listeners to hear today and take home with them? Yeah. Start to notice the difference between what you want and what you're okay with. That's awesome. Thank you so much for being a guest with us today that he, it's been wonderful. And I know people will be reached out and looking at your site and looking a little bit more there..

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