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Show, we've got Joe Hayden sitting here on our program, the 7th overall pick of the 2010 draft. Who did the jets taking that draft Chris brockwood? I found it yet? The jets were dropped at the bottom. They took Kyle Wilson. They're in common to get you. Now they were 29th that year. They had no shot at you. They weren't coming. Who was the tenth? What was the ten bit? Let's see. Tyson lalu went to Jacksonville. He plays with the dealers right now, Ali Wallace. Okay. Earl Thomas went 14th that year. Okay. That was a surprise. That was Pete Carroll's first draft. Remember that? And everybody thought that they would go with what was the name of the safety out of TaylorMade? They thought they were going to go. Because of course Pete would go with a Trojan and instead know he went to with Earl Thomas. A Texas LongHorn everyone was like, okay, Pete's going to shoot it up. This is the one he's going to do it in the NFL. This was the year actually, I think the commish bro hug started. Trent Williams went forth. Okay, we're good. Okay. Number one. So why'd you decide to retire? Joe? Man, I didn't have, I didn't plan on it. Honestly, I was training. I was working out this whole off season, ready to sign one at the time with a contender. I wanted to either play in LA because I live in encino or go to buffalo because I really feel like they haven't really, really solid chance to win. So the long I was working out, I was here, my son just started kindergarten and I was working out and then I would go golfing. I was hanging out with my family, and I was kind of just like kind of got comfortable, you know what I'm saying? I wanted to play, you know, but at the same time, they were kind of like offering me league minimum deals and I was like, do I really want to move up, move my family when, at the end of the day, I had a great career, and I kind of got, I was at peace with, you know what I'm saying? It's been real. Do I really want to leave when I got going on right now? And the more and more I thought about it, the more marvel was like, it's been a great run. You know what I'm saying? Just happy being home. Just love being a dad, spending time with my kids that I wasn't able to really do. Taking them to school every day, like, it was just, it was kind of just like, what am I really doing it for? You know what I'm saying? Of course, so you're trading in the huddle for circle time. Huddle

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