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You know one of the reasons that graphics cards have been so expensive is because of the need for. Gp use in mining bitcoin. And now it's speculated here and gives bot that with china cracking down on crypto mining. Perhaps the prices of these graphic cards are gonna come back to a reasonable level again. So you can have your ultra gaming experience without it costing a fortune. Well maybe another people are just going to be like all rights. China's not buying all the gp. Now we're going to buy all the gp news. It's been really hard to snag. Some of those high end ones because all the the online snagging them all but maybe able to get some good gb using. And i'd love to have a nice gp in the german new box. I got a laptop. I don't never do avenue mega assistance. I've got a really nice Gpu in my pc here smoking. So i can play all those gained. That from new egger did yes. It came with it is i chose it. I chose it or it chose me. I'm not sure what the old as old just thinking rose. As long as we're on the other side of the world in the uae. The united arab emirates. They're experimenting and launching an inhouse digital currency You know they're not going to be the only ones. Every nation is going to be experimenting with us and dabbling with having their own currency for their central bank. In fact there was a tweet a of Chairman powell saying something that if we had you know central digital currencies we wouldn't need other cryptos. I'm like oh my gosh. How out of touch can you be. Cryptos exist because of the power of the central banks. It's not as central banks. It's the people who are running central bags. The powers that control those multinational conglomerates right and was printing money. that's why i really think that You know once the federal reserve banks created nineteen hundred gene. That was the watershed moment for global corruption. Really take route so it just took a while for people to sort of understand it and in the need for it happened. this notion. akimoto's like man. We really need to have a digital money. That's you know the couple from government. We have governments that are renting money that is in cahoots with private bankers and the way the system is set up. It's just lends itself for you know. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. You know these people who have been in charge you know it's like literally the families will grant and set up better reserve bank in the in the trust funds. They set up the irs. Those families who set that up and their descendants are at this point they just there st steve and they just think they're about everyone and everyone else is useless. So if on the media the politicians they get on the boards of all these companies they fund all stopped. Because your money and you whenever harris comes in. The trustees are getting money not what's not getting the taxes line they're paying off that twenty trillion dollars in debt..

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