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Ten games that's finish up sixty one and tell you about the ball games from district two in six say one one of them was probably going to be an Eric list. But it turned out to be kind of a failed tests for pump see north, and maybe just might say that Tulsa union pass their tests. How many tests they passed union wins? Big at home, fifty two to seven over Putnam city north Darius boon to TD's for union. Peyton Thompson those for two TD passes. This ball game was seventeen nothing at half, Tulsa union. But they roll fifty two to seven over Putnam city. North more beats Edmund north on the road fifty three to thirty five. Final score the lions now four and two three and oh in district to play Edmond north to looking for their first win and finally Mustang tonight beat south more twenty eight to sixteen got this from Christian pots, the Norman transcript Mustang wins despite having nineteen penalties. Six. Eighteen were either false start or procedure penalties, but they win nonetheless twenty eight to sixteen Broncos two and four and they are now one in one and district to play Mr. Eric g so you've got your top ten games of the week. It's always here's what we think. It's going to be and it always kind of changes, doesn't it? Yeah. It's inevitably. What happens? We always look at what the list is. When it comes out. Right. He always take a look ahead. And then we find out what the top ten games really are. And I will tell you. This is one of the weeks where okay perhaps in the Oklahoma and pretty much hit it on the head there. There weren't very many games this week that really kind of distanced themselves ads the night played out. But I'll go ahead and give you what I think the number one game of the night was and. I agonized over it. I really wanted to make it Muskogee Sepulchre forty eight forty nine that one goes into overtime Sepulchre wins that one, but I gotta go Perry and Alba twenty two nineteen game. Perry scoring somewhat of an upset. There are a lot of people thought Alba was gonna win that game. I think yeah, we hear from alva- every week. And we hear from Perry every week. I think all of us here before of us thought that Alba was going to win that game. But considering was an upset considering it was a defensive battle. We'll go with that one number one. We'll take Muskogee pulpit number to the forty eight forty nine game as that went into double overtime. Our number three game of the state and. This lomas. Counted this one was kind of tough, but I'm gonna go Aita bell over seminal at number three twenty four to fourteen year. Final score there. Ida bell wins that one I will say your number four game of the night millwood. In Washington acting semi y'all probably think I need to rank that one a little bit higher in. You're probably right about that one millwood wins that one twenty two to seventeen great battle there. And then after that everything else was pretty much one sided Kingston wipes out Colgate. Forty two to twenty heritage hall over Perkins. Tryon thirty five to thirteen sir. Bristow proves the dare for real by smashing Cleveland fifty five to twenty eight. It was more over El Reno. Thirty one to seventeen Collinsville over Tallec wa forty three to eight Tuttle beat Bethany thirty to seven sorry about that one. Joel. And then in six say Yukon and PC north both had opportunities to make statements tonight. And they did it was just not the right statement that everyone was looking for as jinx runs away with Yukon forty eight seventeen and union just throttled PC north tonight fifty two to seven and next week. Just an we'll preview with the top ten were next week. Right. But I will be shocked absolutely shocked if the number one game of the week is it in six say when Edmond Santa Fe takes on broken arrows both of them wanted night. They're both undefeated in Santa Fe. That's it was about saying all these teams from the west needing to pass tests Santa Fe needs to pass. That test. If you wanna think anybody in the west has any hope of really competing for a state championship next week. Right. Exactly that we'll talk about that coming up on the program. All right. Let's get you the six eight zero quick and we'll get back to some scores from Randy six eight twos. Undisputed number one, we would think is still water and they roll past Choctaw tonight. Forty two to twenty two on the road. Con Cointreau Walker three TD's in that ballgame member three del city. The eagles have been playing really really good football. And they were at deer creek tonight. Dan, lers led six nothing early. But in del city scores thirty five unanswered points to win thirty five six five and one three no in district one play number five midwest city, I'll really pretty much all of mid del district is really good. The bombers are now four and two and two and one is they win thirty six to nothing over Putnam city. It was all bombers they lead twenty one to nothing at the end of the first quarter a lot in wolverines roll past Putnam city west on the. Road forty two twenty one wolverines now four and two and two and one they win big at Putnam city stadium. Jordan Woodruff was that the Bixby pocket city ballgame and he files this report. City take it on the number two team in the state's Spartans. And what a night they had homecoming right with the number two team of the state coming into town got off to a role early. A fifty yard drive that ended with a roller find yard touchdown bringing roller scampered in the end zone. Making it seven nothing pocket. It was a theme all night three. Now. The only one I down in the first half, and that came courtesy of a penalty from the Bixby sport. So Ponca had trouble all night with that. But at the end of the half, it was twenty two three pocket across the border. Should I say twenty nine to three but then pocket did make it a little interesting? The opening drive of the second half. They were able to drive eighty yards. Jacob and caught a six yard touchdown catch from tighter. Well, it's making it twenty nine but big they reinstated their dominance really quickly. As braille and Presley, the freshman, very impressive. Looking kid had an eighty? Five yard kick return for touchdown making it thirty six to ten. So what is all said and down the final score ended up being fifty seven to twenty was a scary moment quarterback or Ponca city counter. Wells took a face mask and the ambulance had to be called. And hopefully, everything is all right with him. But certainly was a scary moment and Bixby shows while they're the number two team state. Excellent defense for the most part. The only thing you, maybe coach warm would say it was maybe a few too many penalties tonight as there were slagged all over the field and most going against the Bixby sports moved to three and own district. Play only one loss in the year. And no remain at number two in the state. I'm sure when they Oklahoma and releases their rankings next week really reporting live from Pawtucket city, Jordan Woodruff with one country KPMG in triple play sports radio they Jordan, and that's the district to Bixby rolls past Ponca city. Also in district tonight. Number four Booker T. Washington beats shawny fifty four to nothing. Booker T is three and three and two and one in district to play Sepulchre and Muskogee this one would go to overtime so Popa with a forty nine to forty eight win over Muskogee spas now five and one and two and one in district to play bartlesville would win over sands springs on the last play a two.

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