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Please give a warm welcome to a tremendous man of god and a wonderful friend and a great great speaker. As you'll know in a moment eric metaxas. what's happening. Praise the lord. Hallelujah thank you. Jesus god bless you sit down because this will go to my head. I'm telling you you don't want that to happen. I'm insufferable as it is so what a blessing. Why are there so many of you here. I'm really uncomfortable with this. What's happening now. I love the idea that somebody's going to try to sign. I talked very quickly. It's going to be very difficult. I'm very sorry. I'm going to speak way too fast. Even just to watch what happens over there. I'm going to watch this. I'm a new yorker. So new yorkers speak too fast. And i just apologize in advance. There's nothing i can do about it. There's a few of you here. This morning i've noticed. And i my wife is She's going to be at the third service because why get up. If you don't have to which which brings me to the question. Why were there so many people at seven fifteen am service. Do you guys understand that they said to me. When you see the when you see the next service you'll see why we went to the seven fifteen like what what it's too crowded and it makes you uncomfortable so you need more room. I don't know but i was fascinated but people would get up for seven fifteen. Am service and so. Thank you for being here. I feel at home. I would come to this service. I would never go to a seven fifteen service. If i was required to by passenger jack and they got a pay pl services. But i'm just amazed at the number of people here. And i know there are people beyond this room someplace watching. God bless you guys and you're lucky you didn't come in your because the stench. I don't know what's going on right. Why it's bad god has spirit you. Something's going on now. I'm just saying that. I could say anything. What do they know. what are they know. It's unbelievable listen. I always want to start out the most important thing if i leave you with. Just one thought as deliver god's word it would be that if you go to mypillow dot com. You know. I said if you go if you go you want to support a violent insurrectionist you go there free country and the most important thing. I can feel the anointing when i say this. Use the code eric. that's the most. That's the most important thing if i don't get struck by lightning it's because the lord is sense of humor also means that he invented people. I talked about this a lot lately. The part of what we're facing in the wo- culture and by the way the cultures not woke. It's just the cultural leaders. Who gave you the impression that they're more of them than there are. Most americans are not insane. You gotta understand that. Which is why we know it's right but but a big part of it is the lack of the sense of humor. And because i'm always joking around even when i'm not joking around. I got this kind of humorous edge of half joking and stuff and so now that i'm the enemy of like this is. I knew it would happen eventually. But but if they come after you they quo you even when you're joking like he was serious right like i will say outrageous things as a joke but they don't have a sense of humor. They're like oh really okay. So we're going to quote ed. We're gonna quit. We're living in crazy time. did you know that. Did you know that the times. We're living in utterly unprecedented but the good news is the lord. He kind of knows what's going on. It's not like we're alone. We have the lord with us and if we didn't we'd be in big trouble but we do so we're not so i want to tell you i wanna talk a little bit about where we are in the culture. I also want to tell you a little bit about myself The myself part. I wrote a book which just came out. And i think that's the one that they have here but it's called fish out of water a search for the meaning of life and i want to say that i wrote this book because i wanted something that we can give to people who are not on the same page as we are the logically or politically just something that we can. We can share something with them without feel like we're gunning for their head. You know what. I mean like his christian sometimes like they come at you with both barrels and they want to talk about jesus every second and there are many people in the world. Who if you have that attitude. They're going to run now. People are running from you in running from jesus and you're part of the reason the running from jesus that's bed we don't we don't want to be that. We want to be sensitive to god. And so i just wanna say that i wrote the. It's really the story of my life until i had my conversion dramatic experience around my twenty fifth birthday. The lord spoke to me in a dream in a way that was utterly miraculous absolutely utterly miraculous. It completely blew my mind. And i knew jesus as lord and it's game over i'm done. I found the meaning of life. I found the meaning of truth. And the but you know what before that i was there. Were times where you're looking for it and you but you don't know if it even exists. I i wanna. I wanna help us understand. There are many people a lot of times in our minds as believers. We act like either. You're saved where you're an eight this atheist marxist right most people are not most people in america for example. They're just working hard and they just haven't bumped into what you by god's grace alone you happen to bump into and so they're not hostile to it. They don't even know what they think. And we play a big role in what they think. And how we deal with them and so on and so forth but part of my story of growing up is that my parents were really good people. And they had a respect for god but they didn't know him the way i know him now and i thought to myself. It's interesting because you get the impression. Sometimes that people are are out and it's black and white and whatever now we know if you're not in heaven you're out okay but that doesn't mean that everyone who's not exactly where we are working for the devil. Now that gets complicated but the reason i say this because i want to say that i grew up in a community. That was a wonderful community. I can actually tell you. My father is greek from greece. My mom is german from germany. They came over here in the fifties. They met in an english class in new york city and english class chaucer. I'm talking about like learn how to speak english. And if you're raised greek and german. As i was that means by definition you will be raised. Greek the a scoring at home greeks no. They can't help but they know that they're the best ethnishity. What are they supposed to do. Apologize for it. They know they're better like they invented democracy and their languages better in and look the bible. You know the new testaments written in greek. God knows his the best that. Why would he use greek. Why because this is at the greek no this and that's bad that they know that because they walk around like yeah we we. We were there. I.

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