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Hey, it's Sean Ramos from from today explained this weekend like most of you I watched in shock as our country already reeling from one catastrophe dove headfirst into another one. My team and I spent a lot of time thinking about the most meaningful way to cover the protests and the unrest, and decided to talk to Abram Candy. He's the guy who wrote how to be an anti racist, and he says what we're witnessing. Is The American nightmare black? America's been dealing with it for like ever, but now the rest of us. US are getting a good look at it. It's a potential turning point for the country and we're going to be covering all week. Today explained. We're planning to talk about the militarization of police departments in how police unions make it hard to weed out. Bad Police officers were planning to talk to black parents and white parents about the conversations. They're having with their kids right now. We're GONNA talk about how the entire country can wake up from this American nightmare and move forward, so join US wherever you listen. Today explained thanks. Yeah. I haven't made more I think. But I gotTa have a mess. Seven and five started twitter. Yeah don't worry. I'm about to disappoint a lot of people with my with my next a bull assessments so I know this y'all show I'll. Say I. Really I'm going to assume because you guys. Are Super Lsu out. I think you both have them losing in Cincinnati. A well, you know what? Last. Really like that's a stretch in, you're correct. Except.

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